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It’s Funny

How did the Astros acquire Yordan Alvarez?

Today is my sister Sylvia’s BD. Happy Birthday, Sylvia!

It’s funny in that Dems are opposed to Citizens United and all the money that is in politics at the federal level. Dems are hungry for campaign finance reform of sorts at the federal level. Commentary wonders how local Dems feel about limiting campaign donations to $500 for those donors to H-Town City officeholders and candidates if they do business with the city or get appointments to city boards and commissions? Kind of like the goose and the gander bit. Just saying.

Commentary is not a big fan of the second or final term of the City of H-Town term limits. It has problems. Accountability, maybe? No shows?

If the MLB All Star Game was to be played tonight, Alex Bregman and #SpringerDinger would be in the starting line-up for the AL. Justin Verlander would probably be the starting pitcher.

In 2016, we traded pitcher Josh Fields to the Dodgers for Yordan Alvarez of course.

We have two with the NL Central first place Brewers tonight and tomorrow. They are a real good team and have last year’s NL MVP.

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