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D-Day was 75 years ago today.

As each day goes by, we lose World War II vets. My Dad is 95 and he entered active service a year before D-Day. He was in the European Theatre on D-Day, and was in combat in Italy, France, Belgium and Germany. He was a paratrooper who had one combat jump behind enemy lines. He was a heavy machine gunner.

My Dad will sometimes opine why WWII vets who were not at Normandy that day do not get their stories told on an annual basis. Good point.

Honor them all!

No MLB question today.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorites, Natalie Morales of the “Today” show!

I saw this tweet yesterday and it had Ted Oberg looking at a flooding tweet from yesterday:

Ted Oberg Retweeted Courtney Fischer
As I watch this from inside Houston City Hall I wonder if these frequent floods are hurting Houston’s image. It’s clear they hurt Houstonians.

I could not argue if we were also called Flood City.

The Hyde Amendment is not good public policy and the individual who ends up winning the 2020 Democratic Party nomination for president should not be supporting the Hyde Amendment – period.

H-Town City Council Member Dwight Boykins filed a campaign treasurer designation for mayor with former H-Town Mayor Lee P. Brown serving as his treasurer. Still, CM Boykins hasn’t said himself he is running, and his mayoral campaign website is not active.

Here is part of Kuffer’s take on Boykins today:

I know there are Democrats out there who are disappointed in Mayor Turner and who think he isn’t progressive enough. I would just like to remind them – and everyone else – that back in May of 2014 when City Council voted on HERO, Dwight Boykins voted “No”. He still refused to support HERO a year later when Council had to put the HERO repeal proposal on the ballot. I for one cannot and will not vote for anyone who didn’t support HERO. You do you, but that’s a deal breaker for me.

Commentary is thinking that CM Boykins will probably be chasing Dem voters that didn’t support the HERO and there were a lot of Dem voters who did not support the HERO. Just saying.

Our run differential took a big hit last night.

We have an afternoon game today with Justin Verlander pitching.

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