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Justin Verlander is now number 21 on the list of pitchers in the career strikeout category with 2,809 strikeouts. Name the pitchers in the top 20 who are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

H-Town’s politicos heard late Friday afternoon that H-Town City Council Member Dwight Boykins would not be announcing Saturday that he would be running for Mayor. Yesterday, some buzz was created when some local media outlets reported on a Boykins website for a mayoral campaign that was under construction of sorts. Here is from a Channel 13 News story yesterday:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The publication of a website has Houstonians wondering if City Council member Dwight Boykins will run for Houston Mayor.

The unfinished website went live this weekend.

When ABC13 Eyewitness News reached out to councilman Boykins about the website and his decision to run for mayor, he said he has not made a final decision.

Boykins told ABC13 he should be making one soon and has been considering running for mayor.

When he talked about the website, he said that it is a rough draft and he is not sure how it got out.

Here is the website address that is no longer available: https://www.dwightboykinsformayor.com/.

Sounds like a tease to me. Of course, I don’t know why one would tease on this. There were a couple or so typos on the website. There was a photo of a construction site with a skyline that clearly was not H-Town. Sloppy in Commentary’s book. You don’t put a live campaign website out there until you are ready – period. It looks like CM Boykins has not made up his mind on running.

The Rocket with 4,672 strikeouts is number 3 on the list of career strikeouts, Curt Schilling with 3,116 is number 15, and CC Sabathia with 3,020 is number 17 of course and they are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

40-20 with an 8 1/2 game lead.  Not bad at all.

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