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Summer Baseball

Among the regulars, name the Astro with the highest batting average?

Commentary is not happy this morning. When I bought my car, I got the super duper extended warranty coverage where your rental is covered when you leave your car for major service. I had to take my car in Tuesday morning to the dealership and they called me today telling me that they haven’t even looked at my car and they wanted me to bring back the rental and pick up my car and bring it back next week. That’s ridiculous. I told the service rep to have his supervisor call me. That’s not what I paid for. Ridiculous.

Trade with Mexico is critical to the Texas economy. Sticking a tariff on imported good from Mexico will damage the Texas economy. That’s a no-brainer. Texas’ GOP leaders, not surprisingly, are silent on this. Pitiful. Like someone said yesterday, this will help Dems in Texas in 2020.

Is H-Town City Council Member Dwight Boykins announcing for Mayor tomorrow?

Ok, here is who we have at The Yard this summer. Commentary is not really impressed. Check this:

B’More, Brewers, Blue Jays, Pirates, Mariners, Angels, Rangers, A’s, Mariners again, Rockies, Tigers, Angels again, and Rays. It doesn’t get any better in September. Oh, well. #TakeItBack!

Michael Brantley of course leads the team with a .330 batting average.

We are in Oakland this weekend.

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