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Pay Attention

Where Commentary sits at The Yard, you have to be in another zone to get smacked by a line drive foul ball. That being said, if you are seated in field level where a line drive foul ball could cause damage, pay attention. I wasn’t there last night. I hope the little girl is OK.

I am sure there will be more discussion on expanding the netting at The Yard. If it ever reaches Section 132, I am outta there. That is all I have to say and no question today.

There is a frontpage story on the Battleship Texas being moved from the San Jacinto Battleground, most likely to Galveston. Look at it this way. At least they are not going to move the San Jacinto Battleground.

Speaking of battleships, remember when Commentary put out this a couple of days ago?

Ok, sure. Next time Trump mocks the late Sen. McCain, and we know he will, Meghan McCain is going to want folks to go after Trump.

Now that the 86th Texas Legislative Session is history, Commentary is going to be interested to see who decides to run in the Democratic Party Primary for State Senate, District 19.

I met up with State Rep. Christina Morales before the game yesterday. She was wearing an Astros jersey that her staff had given her. On the back it read Desk Three. That is where she sits on the House Floor. Cool. That only works for single digits. Of the nine single digits desks, the only other one from the H-Town area is Rep. Sarah Davis with the blonde hair with Desk Two.

Remember when Kaz Matusi played for the Astros and he had an anal fissure and had to, pardon the pun, sit out for a number of games. We all thought that was a weird injury. Carolos Correa will be out for four to six weeks because he fractured a rib getting a massage. What?

We had a disappointing 6-4 homie and doubled our homie losses to 8. We have the fifth best record in MLB, have a 7 ½ game lead, have the day off, and begin a 7 game West Coast roadie tomorrow.

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