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In Uniform

Skipper A.J. Hinch picked up win number 411 as an Astro skipper. How many losses does he have as our skipper?

Just when you think you have seen it all, you haven’t.  The fella who is a City Council Chief of Staff over at H-Town City Hall and who has been collecting a paycheck but not showing up for work, showed up in his military uniform and addressed City Council – surreal.

The Cubbies were at The Yard last night, plus we had Dollar Dogs and we only had 31,030 show up and it sounded like half were Cubbie fans. What is up with that? Dynamic pricing?

We are waiting to see if H-Town Council Member Dwight Boykins will get in the race for H-Town Mayor this Saturday.

We are also waiting to see of H-Town Council Member Amanda Edwards runs for U.S. Senate.

Commentary doesn’t have much to say today.

Do date, Skipper A.J. Hinch has 293 losses as our skipper of course.

37-19. Can’t argue with that.

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