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Justin Verlander lost a no-no in the seventh inning last night. Mike Fiers of the A’s tossed a no-no earlier this season against the Reds. When was the last season where a no-no was not tossed?

To follow-up on last week’s Chron E-Board take on Prop B that Commentary called hilarious. The E-Board is getting played by the H-Town Mayor. Remember when the E-Board said this last week:

But no one can deny that the people have spoken. And despite firefighters’ loss in court this week, the popular will of Houston voters provides powerful incentive for Turner, who is up for re-election, to negotiate generously with firefighters this time around.

Yeah, sure. The H-Town Mayor has no acknowledgement or respect for the 60% of H-Town voters who supported Prop B. Here is from the Chron today:

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association on Tuesday asked Mayor Sylvester Turner to enter arbitration to settle its ongoing labor dispute with the city, a request the mayor shot down as he called instead for a return to collective bargaining.

The union’s request came less than a week after a state district judge ruled Proposition B unconstitutional and void. The charter amendment approved by voters last November granted firefighters the same pay as police of corresponding rank and seniority.

Turner made clear Tuesday that he does not intend to accept the union’s request.

“The city of Houston is willing to return to the table for collective bargaining which would be the regular course of business,” the mayor said in a written statement.

Immediately after last week’s ruling, Turner said he would like to negotiate a pay raise for firefighters “that the city can afford,” a call he repeated at his State of the City address Monday.

It is very safe to say that the Chron E-Board is being played by the Mayor. Can someone please step forward and make them aware that they are being played? Chumps, to put it kindly, chumps.

GOP Rep. Jonathan Strickland killed a major bill yesterday on a point of order. The billed killed was a priority of the GOP Governor, GOP Lt. Governor, the GOP Senate Finance Chair and the GOP House Appropriations Chair. Rep. Strickland is being targeted by Dems. Don’t worry, the State GOP will pour money into Strickland’s campaign in 2020 because the GOP is a racket.

BTW: Late last night, the bill that was killed was added to another bill in the form of an amendment.

The Oreo cookie incident in Congress is not surprising. It starts at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

There is a difference between baseball and fast pitch softball. Read this from the Chron:

When Texas pitcher Miranda Elish threw 429 pitches over four games on consecutive days to help the Longhorns win their NCAA softball regional last weekend, the question arose: How much is too much?

Pitch count isn’t as significant in the sport as it is in baseball, two former Olympic softball pitchers said.

In baseball, pitch counts are monitored more closely, from Little League to high school to the majors.

Little League pitchers across the U.S. and high school pitchers in Texas are limited in the number of pitches they can throw per game based on their age. Those numbers range from as few as 50 pitches per day for 7-year-olds under Little League rules to as many as 110 in a game for 17-year-olds under University Interscholastic League rules covering the state’s high schools. Based on the number of pitches thrown, pitchers are required to rest for a certain amount of time before they can take the mound again.

Here is the deal. Throwing underhanded is a lot easier on the arm than throwing overhand or sidewinder style. Throwing underhanded is more normal like. Throwing overhanded or sidewinder style is a bit abnormal.

Got it?

In 2005 of course, a no-no was not tossed.

Our record in May is 15-4 and our homie record for the season is 18-4.

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