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The Astros are on pace for a third straight 100 win season. How many other times has an MLB club won 100 or more games in three consecutive seasons? BTW: No team has ever had four 100 or more win seasons in a row.

Even though the voter suppression SB 9 might be dead in the #TXLege, I have to hand it to the GOP consultant who has been assigned to delay the blue wave in the Lone Star State. Here is what was added at the last minute to an election filing fee bill last week on the Texas House Floor:

SECTIONA2.AASection 181.005, Election Code, is amended by adding Subsection (c) to read as follows: (c)AAA political party is entitled to have the names of its nominees placed on the general election ballot, without qualifying under Subsection (a) or (b), if the party had a nominee for a statewide office who received a number of votes equal to at least two percent of the total number of votes received by all candidates for that office at least once in the five previous general elections.

It is pretty obvious. The bill is expected to get final Senate approval today. The Green Party will now get ballot access in the Lone Star State. The GOP Senate sponsor admitted yesterday that Green Party candidates hurt Dems. So, here is what will happen. To avoid Dem takeover of the Texas House next year, GOP operatives will likely recruit Green Party candidates to file in swing districts hoping to syphon off Dem votes. They will devise backdoor mechanisms to get them their filing fees and funds for other basic campaign needs. Dems are just going to have to work harder.

On my take Friday on the press not being invited to the Firefighter cadets swearing in, Steve Houston sent me this:

The fire cadets specifically requested that press not be notified and they did not want politicians present. Their friends and family were invited, many in attendance according to a few of them on social media.

With all due respect, they are being paid by taxpayers, so press and others like politicos and the public should have been made aware and allowed to attend.

BlogHouston put this out yesterday on the Chron E-Board’s hilarious take on Prop B and their editorial Op-Ed take on GoT:

[WB10] Consider this nonsense just another exhibit in the case that the Houston Chronicle should shutter its editorial board and redeploy the resources to the newsroom (and investigative). Think how much more good work the newspaper’s news and investigative teams could do with the salaries represented by two staffers who are apparently employed to watch and argue with each other about a TV show.

Just saying.

Let’s see. Tiger wins the Masters last month. He then goes to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a couple of weeks ago. He misses the cut this past weekend at the PGA Championship. You know what they say about karma.

The Philadelphia Athletics (1929-31), San Luis (1942-1944), B’More (1969-71), The ATL (1997-99), and the Yankees (2002-04) are the only teams in MLB history to put together 100 or more win seasons in three consecutive years of course.

We won 10 in a row, but I still felt bad about losing yesterday at Fenway.

We begin a 10 game homie this evening with four with the White Socks, then the Red Socks visit for a three game weekend series, the Cubbies are in town for three that includes a 1 pm start on Memorial Day. It is a key homie for sure.

#SpringerDinger is a bit dinged up. Jose Altuve might be coming off the DL this week. Aledmys Diaz is also a bit dinged up.

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