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The Raid

At 27-15, we have the best record in MLB. What was our record after 42 games last season?

There is a Chron front page story today on the botched raid or the Harding Street Massacre here: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Evidence-left-behind-after-botched-Pecan-Park-13842488.php.

It would be laughable, but it isn’t because two people died. You get the feeling that those in charge are trying to figure out how to ‘splain this one off and not take responsibility. I don’t see how you can put a good face on this one. They will try though, if we let them.

Commentary is not going to say much about Dems and so-called frontrunners in the race for president. Let’s wait until the debates.

Commentary’s pal Chris Bell is thinking about running for U.S. Senator. Kuffer and another story on Chris think that Chris’ support for Bill King in the 2015 H-Town mayoral runoff will hurt Chris among Democratic Party primary voters.

Here is Kuffer’s take on Chris: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=90707&cpage=1.

I don’t think so. We have the potential to have a robust presidential primary in 2020 so turnout could be healthy for other races.  Whoever can raise money in a U.S. Senate race and put together a statewide campaign will prevail. Maybe a few insiders will hold it against Chris for endorsing Bill. I am thinking Houston Firefighters won’t.

Right now, the Dem Primary for Texas U.S. Senator is wide open. That is probably a good thing.

Steve Houston sent me this on the Census 2020 Contract over at H-Town City Hall:

The amount of funding and representation tied to an accurate count cannot be over emphasized but some want to politicize the process over perceived personal gains or the false belief that it will only help their opposing political party. The same jokers opposing the modest expense are the kind that fall all over themselves to hand over money to private interests in the form of corporate welfare that provides limited returns at best.

Houston also sent this over on Prop B:

“I find it interesting that they now appear to be trying to play the victim here,” Lancton said. “Never one time did we ask a council member to return fire PAC political money.”

Engaging in political battles with the fire union may indeed cost a few votes from their knee jerk supporters, few firefighters themselves live inside the city limits, but the exchange demonstrates the fire union’s willingness to get what they want by any means necessary and their expectations tied to their support. Insiders call the union leader “Media Marty” after the way he spins everything in his favor no matter what the reality is, he clearly lied which only CM Robinson sharing the texts would show.

The ongoing narrative in this blog is that Prop B can’t be altered, over ridden, or otherwise absent a public vote changed flies in the face of the fire union’s successful argument in court that their (also voter approved) collective bargaining agreement could indeed change the initiative. That is the very basis for the recent mediation and ongoing negotiations between the city and the union, if Prop B could not be changed outside another vote there’d be no need to bargain.

The exchange also provides substantial proof that the fire union tried to engage in a “pay for play” situation expecting specific votes in return for their financial support, not the usual understanding that a donation would give greater access to a politician as they take campaign contributions from a variety of competing interests. Had the contribution been directly tied to the vote, the union leader could easily be indicted instead of just shown for what he is.

Commentary said before that I was asked a year or so ago who my favorite Astro was, and I responded that my most entertaining Astro was Alex Bregman. You also have to love that he has taken the time to learn to speak Spanish- cool.

Last season, after 42 games, we were 26-16 of course.

They are playing like we expect them to play, considering what we pay for tickets and a Saint Arnold at The Yard this season.

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