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Silly Debate

Who is the oldest player on the Astros roster?

Commentary is opposed to term limits in principle for our elected officials. After watching six GOP members of the H-Town City Council discuss a census outreach contract yesterday, I have to reconsider. Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday. First, check this from the Chron:

A divided city council on Wednesday approved a $650,000 contract aimed at boosting the number of Houston residents who participate in the 2020 census, a measure that generated partisan debate in which some council members worried the outreach would have a liberal bent.

Under the contract, Lopez Negrete Communications — a firm specializing in Hispanic marketing — will conduct outreach intended to improve response rates in the 2020 national survey. Council members passed the deal on an 11-6 vote, with most of the council’s conservative cohort voting against it.

The hour-long debate centered around allegations from a handful of council members who said subcontracting companies or partnering organizations may conduct census outreach in a way that is slanted toward Democrats or liberals.

Here is the entire Chron read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Council-OKs-census-outreach-contract-after-debate-13830431.php?src=hp_totn.

It was certainly excruciating watching the six. The six Council Members have no idea what a lot of us think about a census count. Clueless is too kind. Silly debate is too kind. Commentary is thinking if the contract was awarded to “Jones Smith” Communications, there would be no problem, no discussion.

So called liberals or Democrats want everyone counted, unlike the GOP, who promotes the citizenship question, so Latinos won’t be counted. This contract will help count those that are hardest to count. What is so hard to understand?

This should not be a red state versus a blue state issue. The census helps determine funding on infrastructure, education, health care and the social safety net.

Collecting accurate data is important to our public health and business future. The public health community uses data to develop strategies on combatting disease. The business community uses data to plan growth, make investments, locate business developments, and create jobs.


Justin Verlander of course is the oldest Astro on the roster, he’s 36.

Jose Altuve is batting .236. What’s up with that?

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