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There is only one pitcher in MLB history to toss two no-nos in interleague play. Name the pitcher, please?

Two Latina Houston Firefighters addressed the H-Town City Council yesterday at the Public Session. Subject matter, you guessed it, Prop B. One happened to be the first Latina Houston Firefighter ever who joined the department in 1993. The other was younger and had received her layoff notice last week. Both were very articulate and professional. They held their ground. Commentary is pretty sure the Houston Professional Firefighters are going to send a copy of the two speaking to every Latino and Latina leader in H-Town. Why wouldn’t they?

It is already out there. The GOP leadership proposing an increase in the sales tax will be used against every GOP candidate running for the state legislature in 2020. Thank you kindly!

I don’t have much to say about the GOPers in the Texas State Senate moving to preserve Johnny Reb statues.

Commentary had a take Monday on the way Saturday’s election results were posted and here is what Kuffer had to say:

I noticed the same thing in the Pasadena City Council elections. Initially, while the election night returns page was saying that all 296 precincts had reported, it was showing single digit Election Day vote totals in each of the individual Council races. That sure didn’t seem right. On the plus side, the next time I refreshed the page, maybe 15 or 20 minutes later, a fuller set of numbers had been reported. I don’t remember now if there was another update after that – I was paying more attention to the San Antonio Mayor’s race by that time – but because I couldn’t rely on the number of precincts reporting to tell me the state of progress I had to keep checking in to see if anything had changed. After awhile, it was clear that we were done.

This is surely fixable, and it’s the reason why the shakedown cruise was done during a low-turnout May election. I think a running total of vote centers that have reported, along with a table showing which ones and where they are – be sure to include what State Rep District they’re in, with City Council district for races like the one this November – would fit the bill. We could approximate that in the past by seeing how many precincts were yet to report in district races; it was how I felt confident, with a hundred or so precincts still out, that Lina Hidalgo was going to catch up to and pass Ed Emmett in 2018, by noting that nearly all of the outstanding precincts were in heavily Dem districts. Give us something like that now, and all will be well. Candidates, reporters, and other election nerds will thank you.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=90621.

Red Sox Skipper Alex Cora, who is from Puerto Rico, will not go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue which prompted this tweet from my old buddy Domingo:

Domingo Garcia‏ @Domingotexas 50m50 minutes ago

Tip of the cap to Alex Cora as he is going to forgo the Cold Big Macs to stand in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico. Bien hecho, @ac13alex

Mike Fiers of course tossed a no-no against the Dodgers back in 2015 when he was with the Astros and last night, as a member of the A’s, he tossed one against the Reds. I was there at The Yard when he threw the no-no against the Dodgers and there have been eight interleague no-nos.

We got beat badly last night. Ouch!

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