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These two MLB clubs have played about 20% of their season and neither has a hitter who has hit a triple. Name the clubs?

Folks don’t ask Commentary. I would have advised not to return the contributions from the Houston Firefighters. I would not have shared the texts from Firefighters honcho Marty Lancton. I would not have gotten into a running battle with Marty and the Firefighters. There are too many of them and not very many of you. Here is from the Chron:

Houston City Councilman David Robinson said he returned $7,500 in campaign contributions from the city’s firefighter union because of ethical concerns.

Robinson was one of two council members who said they received text messages from Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association President Marty Lancton asking them to return campaign contributions from the union’s political action committee. They said they received those texts after city council last month voted to send 60-day layoff notices to 220 firefighters to help offset the costs of implementing Proposition B, the voter-approved charter amendment that requires the city to pay firefighters the same salaries as police of corresponding rank and seniority. Robinson and Councilmember Martha Castex-Tatum, who said she also was asked to return her donation, voted for the layoff notices.

And this:

Robinson last week shared texts with the Chronicle that he said were sent by Lancton just after the 10-6 council vote approving the layoff notices, and days after some friends of Robinson died in a plane crash in Kerrville.

‘We will pray for you,” the text reads. “We will also never forget. We also think it’s highly appropriate that you return the (union’s) contributions made to you. If you need the address please let me know.”

And this:

Lancton responded forcefully to Robinson’s letter Monday.

“David Robinson has proved to be a clueless clown as a council member,” he said in a statement. “Houston firefighters now regret hoping he would be a good public safety steward. His baseless assumptions in his letter are about (sic) like his work on city council: poor. But the mayor can count on his blind allegiance.”

Here is the entire Chron read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Councilman-returns-campaign-cash-from-fire-union-13823760.php?src=hp_totn.

There should be no clowning around on this. Commentary would have advised the Council Member to ignore the text, not let the Chron know about the text and keep the money. Marty has proven to be one of the City’s most effective political players. Now you get to be labeled a “clueless clown.” On the other hand, it wasn’t a good move for Marty to ask for the contributions to be returned. Just saying.

Cleveland and the Marlins are the only clubs without a triple this season of course.

It was a good game last night. I got there in time to pick up a Hugs for Homers bobble head. Cool.

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