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Yesterday, Alex Bregman became the 931st MLB hitter to accomplish what?

Mediation was a failure and I saw this in the Chron:

HPFFA President Marty Lancton also said the city demanded in negotiations that Prop B be rescinded and declared unconstitutional, a request he adamantly opposed.

I don’t believe the Mayor asked for Prop B to be rescinded. The H-Town voters approved Prop B and only the voters can rescind.

Commentary tweeted this Saturday night as the election results were being posted:

I think we may have run into our first @HarrisVotes election night booboo or nobody voted today in some districts.

@HarrisVotes replied with this:

This is the initial unofficial report. Full results are still pending.

Commentary replied with this:

This is an election night screw up. Admit it, please.

And with this:

So @HarrisVotes is telling me that all three precincts in South Houston were counted and nobody voted?

Here is what the @HarrisVotes website Election Night posting said on the South Houston Mayoral race:

Precincts, Counted 3, Total 3, 100%.

Then this came out Sunday morning:

Harris County Clerk‏ @HarrisVotes 12h12 hours ago

Harris County has successfully conducted its first election utilizing the Countywide polling place program. 113 of 113 voting centers have reported in record time. To view the Final Unofficial results visit http://www.harrisvotes.com

Let me explain since @HarrisVotes wants to act like the GOP and not explain glitches which in this case is presentation.

Commentary is all for the voting centers on Election Day. If my precinct is in the Heights, I can vote on Election Day at the Community Center in Baytown if I am with my Dad. The issue is how the results are reported and presented to the public on Election Night.

When the first Election Day results were posted at 8:19 pm, the Election Day posting said Precincts Reporting 296 of 296 = 100%. In the past that meant all the precincts were counted. Everything is in. It makes it appear that since all the precincts are reporting they have all been counted, like it says when you look at the individual races on the posting. For example, in the South Houston Mayoral race, it said all 3 precincts had been counted but in the Election Day vote column, zero votes had been tallied. That’s the image I posted on my Today’s Take tweet.

If you go to the @HarrisVotes Election Day – Beta page you get a more detailed view of the reported votes. On that page, if you look closely at a tab, it told you how many of the voting centers had reported. There were 111 voting centers, which are the voting precinct locations and many precincts are combined – that’s why we don’t have 296 voting centers.

The Election Day – Beta page was first introduced and used in the December 11 State Senate District 6 Special Election and again for the State House District 145 Special Election and Runoff. In those races, voting centers were not used and they were the only races on the ballot. In those elections, on the Beta page, when you looked at the precinct-by-precinct results, a green check by the precinct indicated all the votes from the precinct were counted and complete. This past Saturday, on the Beta page, every precinct had the green check at the first posting at 8:19 pm even though some of them had not reported or counted a single Election Day vote like in South Houston.

Commentary got a few calls from folks wondering what to make of the way the results were being reported and it took part of the evening for me to figure it out.

@HarrisVotes needs to figure out a way to report and present where most folks can understand. If you can vote at any of the voting centers in the county on Election Day, then you are not going know if a voting precinct has been fully counted until the last voting center has reported. That is a significant departure from the past. So, in a very close district race, you are going to have to wait until all the voting centers in the county have reported for you to know whether you won or lost. Maybe @HarrisVotes can post which voting centers have reported so we can get a sense of what is out there.

@HarrisVotes should have added to their tweet yesterday that they understand there was a bit of confusion on how some were interpreting the posting of the results Saturday evening and they will be working to resolve those for future elections. It would probably be Ok if they ask some of the pros who regularly visit their webpage at 7 pm on Election Night for our thoughts. Just saying.

In a way, @HarrisVotes is lucky they rolled it out for this past election and they can fine tune it so to speak. If they would have rolled it out next March for the party primaries where more meaner folks than Commentary are involved, a sh_tstorm would have ensued on Election Night.

Listen to Commentary on this one. It’s on the house.

On my take on The Botched Raid last week, somebody said it should be called The Harding Street Massacre. Ouch!

Yesterday, Alex Bregman became the 931st MLBer to have three or more career grand salamis of course.

Willie Mays is 88 today. Happy Birthday Say Hey Kid!

Jose Altuve is 29 today. Happy Birthday Tuves!

It was a Mexican sweep this past weekend and the Royals are at The Yard for three.

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