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Easy Call

Yesterday, CC Sabathia became the 17th MLB pitcher to strikeout 3,000 or more hitters. How many of the 3,000 plus club pitchers besides CC are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

This is a headline on HoustonChronicle.com:

Eye, caramba! Warriors put Rockets in 2-0 hole

Commentary prefers “Ay, caramba”

Well, if you are resident of H-Town, we are now part of history, albeit a sad history. Over a couple of hundred firefighters received layoff notices yesterday. Yep, history.

This is a no brainer in Commentary’s book and I got a big book. It is an easy call. Here is from the Chron:

Two city council members say the Houston fire union asked them to return campaign donations after they voted to send 60-day layoff notices to hundreds of firefighters, allegations the fire union president vehemently denies.

Martha Castex-Tatum and David Robinson were among the 10 council members who voted last week to send layoff notices to 220 firefighters to help offset the cost of raises mandated by Proposition B, a voter-approved amendment to the city’s charter that gives firefighters equal pay to police officers of corresponding rank and experience.

Both said they were contacted afterward by Marty Lancton, president of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association. They said Lancton asked that they return donations his group had given their campaigns through its political action committee.
Lancton denied it.

“I find it interesting that they now appear to be trying to play the victim here,” Lancton said. “Never one time did we ask a council member to return fire PAC political money.”

Robinson late Tuesday provided screenshots of texts he said were sent to him by Lancton last Wednesday, days after friends of Robinson died in a plane crash in Kerrville.

‘We will pray for you,” the text reads. “We will also never forget. We also think it’s highly appropriate that you return the (union’s) contributions made to you. If you need the address please let me know.”

Asked about the text, Lancton said Robinson and his campaign “repeatedly offered” to return the campaign contributions, contending that the exchange left out the full context of their discussions. It is unclear if the two discussed the donations outside of texts, but the screenshot provided by Robinson does not show any text conversations since November.

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Council-members-fire-union-spar-over-campaign-13808457.php#photo-17312703.

Sigh. My take yesterday was on the mark about H-Town City Hall. It got a lot of favorable run.  On this, Commentary is not going to say what happened or not. I will say that the only time I would ask a client, elected official, to return a campaign contribution is if the donor was a mass murderer, molester, terrorist or something like that. In fact, I wouldn’t even send it back to them, but rather to a charity.

Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council public session meeting yesterday and a resident was griping about city service or lack thereof and he did a classic takedown of his city council member. Ouch!

The Rocket with 4,672 strikeouts and Curt Schilling with 3,116 are not in the Hall of Fame of course.

Our bats exploded last night. 11 runs. 3 dingers. 18-12.

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