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On SB 9

Notre Dame. Why do we pronounce the cathedral and university differently?

Speaking of, which city has a larger population, South Bend, Indiana or Pasadena, Texas?

Commentary watched the Texas State Senate debate on SB 9 yesterday. It is another GOP attempt to suppress votes. Here is from the Chron E-Board today:

Some folks in the Republican Party have given up. They are out of ideas, void of policy and lacking the enthusiasm needed to attract new voters. If demography is destiny, they seem to be content eking out marginal victories for a few more years by clinging to a dwindling base. How else do you explain their push to win elections through exclusion?

Why else do they pin their hopes of power on disenfranchisement?

Their latest attempt, one of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s priorities for this year’s Legislature, is Senate Bill 9. While it contains a welcome measure to guarantee that all electronic voting machines can produce a paper record, it also includes provisions that put up obstacles targeting vulnerable populations.

SB9, poised to pass the Senate, makes it more difficult for people who need assistance at the polls, such as seniors and the disabled. It gives partisan poll watchers the right to be in the voting booth when a volunteer is helping someone, a clear encroachment on the secret ballot. It also imposes new hoops to jump through for election volunteers, including those who drive voters to the polls.

The most troubling provisions, though, are those that threaten jail time for certain election-related infractions — even in instances involving an honest mistake when registering.

Here is the entire E-Board take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/SB9-another-desperate-attempt-at-voter-13769725.php.

During the debate, an amendment was officered by Dem State Senator Kirk Watson to allow for online voter registration but it was defeated along party lines. Sen. Carol Alvarado pointed out during the debate that 37 states, both red and blue, had online voter registration.

Get with it, GOP.

Pasadena, Texas has a population close to 149,000 and South Bend, Indiana has around 101,000 of course.

Sab Antonio has a population of 1.5 million. Just saying.

And don’t tweet or rag me about me taking a shot at Mayor Pete. I like the fella.

The Astros have a winning percentage of .688, the Mainers .684, but we are a half game behind the Mariners. Got it?

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Yesterday, Commentary got up, made breakfast and watched Tiger on the flat screen. I also watched him on Saturday. I always knew he could win another major. I never gave up hope. Golf etiquette or courtesies aside, I was glad to see the competition put it in the water, in the pine straw, in bunkers and miss their putts.

Folks love Tiger. You actually think people tune in across the country to hate on Tiger.

One tour member said yesterday that he knew the difference between the spectator roars for Tiger on the golf course versus roars for other golfers.

Jack Nicklaus congratulated Tiger and said his win was good for golf. I can’t argue with that.

Tiger now has 15 majors. How many different golfers have won a major?

I find the @CarolForTexas tweets the most interesting.

I don’t follow this fella but I find the State Rep from La Aguila most amusing. Here is from Erica Grieder’s Chron column yesterday:

Poncho Nevarez, a Democratic state representative from Eagle Pass, scoffed at the president’s threat to release migrants in his community.

“We’ll take them. Our cities will be safer and they’ll fuel our economy. Thanks pendejo,” Nevarez tweeted Friday, in response to the news.

Maybe one day I will meet the state rep and shake his hand. “Thanks pendejo” is a classic for sure. I can’t remember the last time I saw a “pendejo” in the Chron.

On campaign finance, it is kind of everyone is on their own.

There are limits on how much you can give in federal races, but they can raise money every day of the year. Congress sets the laws regulating the limits. You can’t change the limits with a petition drive.

For state races like statewide and legislative, there are no limits on how much you can give, but there are periods during, before and after legislative sessions where you can’t. Again, you can’t impose limits here with a petition drive.

There are no limits on how much you can give for Harris County races and you can raise money every day of the year. I don’t think the county has the authority to impose campaign contribution limits. Again, it can’t be done by petition.

I think there are limits for certain judicial races.

Some cities like H-Town impose their own limits. That started in the 1990s. Prior to then, there were no limits. H-Town use to have periods of the year where you couldn’t raise money but not anymore. There are blackout periods for proposed vendors.

HISD imposed limits for vendors at $500 a few years back, but a new board raised the cap to $2,000 in 2016. Once again, there are no allowances for signature drives on contribution limits.

I guess the state legislature could impose limits on counties, ISDs, and municipalities, but they would also have to set limits on themselves and that probably would not happen.

That’s why End-Pay-To-Play can step up for H-Town campaign contribution limits.

It could put a hurt on consultants like Commentary who handle city candidates. That’s not a reason to campaign against. In fact, it would be a stupid reason.

If on principle, one is against Citizen United and all the tons of special interest money in political campaigns, can you be against End-Pay-To-Play?

221 different golfers have won a major of course.

I am certainly glad the players stopped counting their money and started playing. A 9-game winning streak. We swept the Mariners and are still a game behind them. How about all the Jose Altuve dingers from this past week?

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Judith Cruz

Tomorrow is State Rep. Christina Morales’ birthday. Wish her a happy birthday, please.

After 13 games this season, the Astros are 8-5. What was our record after 13 games last season?

Tiger had a good round yesterday, so maybe the Masters will be interesting to watch this weekend.

They are here: https://endpaytoplay.net/.

I guess they are moving forward. Interesting.

Here is from their website:

A group of Houstonians has formed the End Pay-to-Play PAC to finance a petition drive to reduce the amount that people or companies that do business with the City of Houston can contribute to any candidate for mayor, controller or City council, or any PAC which contributes to any such candidate, to $500 per year.

Approximately 80% of such campaign contributions in the city of Houston come from people or companies that directly do business with the City or are regulated by it.

For example, the employees and family members of one real estate developer have donated over $100,000 in contributions to a single candidate.

Another vendor’s employees contributed over $100,000 on a single day, shortly before the vendor’s contract was renewed.

This is legalized corruption and it must end. A group of volunteer lawyers has drafted an amendment to our City’s current toothless campaign finance ordinance to accomplish this objective.

You can help by contributing to the End Pay-to-Play PAC. Individuals or corporations can contribute to this PAC and there is no limit on the amount.

None of the money contributed to this PAC will be used to support any political campaign. This money will be used exclusively to pay for expenses associated with collecting the necessary petitions and filing those with the City Secretary.

The corrupt pay-to-play system will never reform itself. It will only happen by direct action of the people.

I wonder if anyone or group will step forward to fight this.  Probably not.

Judith Cruz sent out an email yesterday announcing her candidacy for HISD Trustee, District VIII. The trustee district is currently represented by HISD Board President Diana Davila. Here is Judith’s email:

For the last two decades I have worked tirelessly for students in public education as a teacher, volunteer, and in the nonprofit sector. I believe students need to be college and career ready, and I believe that every child deserves an outstanding education. Students need dedicated and creative adults investing in them and holding them to high standards. As a parent of three HISD students I expect the type of education for all children that I would expect for my own. I believe this because I’ve lived it.

That is why I am running for HISD Trustee, District VIII.

Please join us in kicking off our campaign for students and families by donating to our campaign now.

Only 31% of HISD students earn a postsecondary credential within six years of graduation. There is no silver bullet to solving our problems in education, but we can improve and innovate to prepare students to be competitive as they enter college and the workforce. We need a strong principal pipeline and effective leadership at every level beginning in the classroom. Parents want rigor, not mediocrity, for their students. We need to ensure that students have equity of opportunity at both magnet and neighborhood schools. Schools need freedom to innovate.

But I can’t do it alone. Will you donate $5, $25, $100, $250, or whatever you can afford today?

I am running for HISD District VIII Trustee because I believe we must do more for Houston’s kids. We must bring greater transparency and trust to the district. We must elevate the voice of parents, teachers and students. That’s why I am asking for your continued support, your voice and your vote. Collectively, we can ensure all children receive the education they deserve.

Judith Cruz

P.S. Please visit our website to sign up to volunteer and learn more about the campaign!

For those who remember, Judith ran in 2010 in a special election to fill the vacancy created when then Trustee Diana Davila resigned. Judith lost in a runoff by 43 votes to Juliet Stipeche.

Diana Davila ran against Stipeche in 2015 and beat her to take back the trustee position.

Got it?

Commentary helped Judith in 2010. I am not involved today.

After 13 games last season, the Astros were 9-4 of course.

We begin an eight game, three city roadie this evening in the Pacific Northwest.

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The team batting average for the Astros is .282, second best in MLB. Care to guess which team has the highest team batting average?

The Chron has an article today on how the vote to replace County Court-at-Law Judge Bill McLeod went down and here are parts:

Republican members of Harris County Commissioners Court criticized their Democratic colleagues for quickly approving a new civil court judge at Tuesday’s meeting who had not been vetted by the full body.

The three Democrats voted to appoint Houston lawyer Lesley Briones to replace County Court at Law Judge Bill McLeod, who inadvertently resigned last week. Briones’ name was absent from the agenda, she had only spoken with the Democratic members and just 36 minutes passed between her nomination and approval.

“This is the least transparent appointment I have ever seen,” Republican Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack said. “The unfairness of the process was overwhelming.”
During the meeting, Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle held up Briones résumé, which he had been handed minutes earlier, and said he may have supported her if he only had the chance to review it. Instead the vote fell along party lines, 3 to 2.

And this:

Texas Southern University political science Professor Jay Aiyer said it appears the three Democrats agreed Briones was their choice prior to Tuesday’s meeting. That kind of behind-the-scenes scheming, he said, was typical of past Republican-dominated courts.

“This process goes entirely against the spirit of open government that this court has argued will be at the center of how they govern,” Aiyer said. “In particular, it cuts against the brand Judge Hidalgo is trying to develop.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Harris-County-s-speedy-appointment-of-13757992.php.

Here is Commentary’s response to Commissioner Cagle: It is tough counting to three these days.

I look at it this way: the wise Latina strategy worked.

It doesn’t seem like a good deal or fair swap. Increasing sales taxes and reducing property taxes. If this was the best they could come up with, then they certainly are not our best.

Here is what they are probably doing then. They are saying “you want us to spend more money on schools where kids of color are growing the greatest share and spend more on lower income communities? Well, Dems, you are also going to have to pay a bit more and property taxpayer folks are going to need some relief.”

Then, maybe Dems ought to say, “we are Ok with homeowners getting relief, but not commercial property owners, they are gaming the system anyways.”

I don’t know. You have a better idea?

The Chron sent me a letter yesterday saying that my subscription is now $2.25 a day – another rate increase – they had raised it to $2.04 a day back in February. That’s $821.25 a year. So, don’t f__king tell me I don’t support journalism.

27,631 showed up Monday to see the Yankees, 31,009 Tuesday and 26,685 last night. That dynamic pricing sometimes is not a good thing.

As of yesterday, the following had filed a treasurer’s designation for an office over at the City Secretary’s Office at the H-Town City Hall Annex.

For Mayor:
Anton Dawls*
Tony Buzbee
Kendall Baker
Bill King
Demetria Smith

For District A:
Amy Peck

For District B:
Alyson Quintana
Alvin Byrd
Renee Smith
Earl Ben White
Karen Kossie-Chernyshen
Patricia Beurgeous

For District C:
Kendra Yarbrough Camarena
Mary Jane Smith
Abbie Kamin
Nick Hellyar
Greg Meyers
Robert Nowak, Jr.
Daphne Scarbrough
Shelley Kennedy

For District D:
Jerome Provost

For District F:
Anthony Nelson
Anton Dowls*
Jesus Zamora
Richard Nguyen
Tiffany Thomas
Giang Nguyen

For District G:
Greg Travis

For District H:
Karla Cisneros

For District J:
Federico Cuellar
Margaret Mitchell
Nelvina Adriatico
Sandra Rodriguez
Edward Pollard

For At-Large 1:
Michelle Bonton
Raj Salhotra
Georgia Provost

For At-Large 2:
Emily Munoz Detoto

For At-Large 3:
Janaeya Carmouche
Marcel McClinton*

For At-Large 5:
Jamaal Boone
Marcel McClinton*
Dr. Letitia Plummer
Marvin McNeese
Ashton Woods
Ralph Garcia
Dennis Griffin
Paul Bishop

The following also designated treasurers but didn’t specify office:
Naoufal Houjami, Left Blank
Sonia Rivera*, At-Large
Mehdi Cherkaoui, City Council
Amparo Gasca, City Council
Sallie Alcorn*, At-Large
Tarsha Jackson, City Council

* On January 29 of this year Anton Dowls designated a treasurer for a District F race and changed to Mayor on April 5. On January 22 of this year, Marcel McClinton designated a treasurer for At-Large 5 and on February 1, switched to At-Large 3. Sallie Alcorn and Sonia Rivera are running for At-Large 5.

Also designating treasurers:
APT-PAC that says it will be helping Mayor Sylvester Turner.
End Pay-to-Play PAC and will be trying to end pay-to-play over at H-Town City Hall.

Some of the incumbents didn’t file designation this year because it is not required because these days you can fundraise 24/7.

Got it?

The above list is in order of how it is stacked over at the City Secretary’s Office.

The Mariners of course lead MLB with a .295 team batting average.

The Mariners are also 12-2 and we visit them this weekend.

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Commentary was at The Yard last night and saw Jose Altuve collect his 100th career dinger. How many other Astros players have 100 or more career dingers?

Congratulation to Judge Lesley Briones of the Harris County Civil Court at Law #4.

Commentary watched online the Harris County Commissioners Court on the vacancy created by the resignation. A lot of Dem Party folks showed up to show support for Judge Bill McLeod. In the end, it didn’t matter. There was only one way for him to stay on the job. Harris County Commissioners Court would have had to have taken no action. That really would have set a bad precedent. The Dem folks were not happy but County Judge Lina Hidalgo reminded folks that Commissioners Court didn’t create the situation. I found it interesting that in explaining the triggering of the resignation, the Assistant County Attorney said that Judge McLeod was still listed on the local Dem Party’s website as a candidate for Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. I checked it out and yes he is still listed.

Here is from the Chron:

A divided Harris County Commissioners Court declined to give County Court At Law Judge Bill McLeod a reprieve Tuesday after he inadvertently resigned last week, opting instead to appoint a replacement.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said letting McLeod remain as a holdover judge until a special election for the seat in 2020 was too risky, since he almost would certainly have to recuse himself from cases to which the county was a party, as Commissioners Court would have the power to remove him at any time.

Instead, the court voted 3 to 2 to appoint Houston lawyer Lesley Briones to hold the seat through next year, on the recommendation of Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

“I think voters deserve a judge who can be absolutely independent, as he was elected to be,” Hidalgo said. “This would put us in the untenable position that he would no longer be an unbiased person, because he would be beholden to Commissioners Court.”

Here is the entire Chron article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Commissioners-Court-appoints-replacement-for-13754732.php?src=hp_totn.

Congrats to Judge Briones. She had a number of lawyers speak for her yesterday. She grew up in Laredo. Harvard undergrad, Yale Law School.

That is the way it goes.

Remember State Sen. Carol Alvarado’s “The Flood” video that we put out online over a year ago during her #SD6 campaign. It won a Pollie last week. FYI: Pollie Awards are THE major awards in the U.S. political communications and public affairs industry. Frank Eaton of Putnam Partners picked up the Bronze for “The Flood” in the Digital/Internet, Candidate Division, Internet Advertising State Legislature Category of the 2019 Pollie Awards. Nice Job, Frank!

FYI: InFocus Campaigns picked up the Bronze for the Sylvia Garcia for Congress for Live Calls during Early Voting category.

From the Star Telegram:

As President Donald Trump heads to Texas on Wednesday, his approval rating is underwater in a trio of GOP-held congressional districts both parties will be fighting over in 2020, according to new Democratic polling shared with the Star-Telegram.

Surveys the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently conducted found that 41 percent of voters approved of Trump’s job performance in Texas’ 24th congressional district, where Rep. Kenny Marchant serves, while 44 percent disapproved.

In Rep. Mike McCaul’s 10th district, 44 percent approved and 45 percent disapproved of the job Trump is doing. And in Rep. Chip Roy’s 21st district, 45 percent approved and 48 percent disapproved.

Trump carried all three suburban seats by ten points or fewer during the 2016 presidential election.

“The Democrats are not happy with him, but I wouldn’t stay away from a rally. He’s my president,” Marchant said of Trump in an interview with the Star-Telegram Tuesday.

Here is the entire read: https://www.star-telegram.com/latest-news/article229013409.html.

Josh Reddick has 126 career dingers and #SpringerDinger 124 of course.

I had two Dollar Dogs last night.

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54 Today

The Astrodome opened 54 years ago today with the Astros hosting the Yankees. How many future Hall of Fame greats played in that game?

MLB and Cuba and Cuban baseball players finally had a deal worked out and it appeared to be working out for all until yesterday. This makes no sense at all. This is stupid. Here is from NPR:

The Trump administration has canceled a deal between Major League Baseball and the Cuban Baseball Federation that would have allowed Cuban players to join professional teams in the U.S. and Canada.

Under the four-month-old agreement, a major league club seeking to sign certain Cuban players would have to pay a release fee – 25 percent over the player’s signing bonus – to the Federation. The player would also have to pay Cuban income taxes on foreign earnings.

The deal, which was initially negotiated under President Barack Obama, met with immediate opposition from the Trump administration.

It was designed to end the often dangerous pattern of ambitious Cuban stars seeking to join the major leagues by defecting and arranging to smuggle themselves out of Cuba with the aid of human traffickers. Under the agreement, Cuban players may return to the island during the off-season, unlike those who defect.

A senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said in a briefing that the agreement itself was a form of “human trafficking” by the Cuban government and that the Cuban Baseball Federation is a subsidiary of the Cuban government.

“We look forward to the day that Cuban baseball players can fully contract with Major League Baseball like players from every other country in the world and not as pawns of the Cuban dictatorship,” the official told reporters.

Major League Baseball defended the plan.

“We stand by the goal of the agreement, which is to end the human trafficking of baseball players from Cuba,” said league vice president Michael Teevan, in a terse e-mailed statement.

The administration blocked the baseball deal just a few days after the Cuban federation released the names of 34 players eligible to sign with MLB teams. Cuban players older than 25 years old and with six years of experience were eligible for the arrangement. Younger players were required to get the Cuban Baseball Federation’s blessing to play for MLB teams.

It turns out Donald Trump thinks it is a good thing to separate families. Voters don’t. We will see what happens next.

There is a story in the Chron today about Harris County Commissioners Court needing a bigger meeting room. Nothing wrong with folks now having an interest in county government. It is about time.

On a kind of related note, the Astrodome is nearly twice the age of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Hall of Fame greats Nellie Fox Mickey Mantle and Joe Morgan played in the Astrodome the night it opened of course.

We have now won four in row and are 6-5.

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HISD, Again

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was named the recipient of the Profile in Courage Award. Well deserved. Don’t worry, there is not a single GOPer working in DC who will ever be considered for such an honor.

History will not be kind to former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. History should not be kind to former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. She is a very horrible person.

Was it an Altuve walk walk-off win or an Altuve walk-off walk win? Who cares! We swept!

The 5-4 Yankees are at The Yard for three starting this evening. How many dingers does #AllRise have this season?

The other mess over at HISD got some Chron run yesterday. Here are parts:

The state investigation into allegations of Open Meetings Act and procurement violations by some Houston ISD trustees could last months, a top Texas Education Agency official said Saturday, potentially leaving the district and its superintendent search in limbo.

At a town hall attended by about 50 people, TEA Deputy Commissioner of Governance A.J. Crabill said state officials are still conducting a special accreditation investigation into HISD, with the most severe possible punishment resulting in school board members surrendering their powers to a state-appointed governing team. TEA officials have not provided a timeline for the investigation, which started in January, but Crabill said initial results likely are not imminent.

“My best guess is that the state is still several months away from a preliminary report,” Crabill said, while cautioning that he is not directly involved in the investigation.

And this:

Crabill offered no hints as to whether HISD’s school board will fall out of power, telling the crowd it’s too early to predict outcomes of the state investigation or academic performance this year. He reassured those in attendance that an appointed board would hold power for only a few years, gradually transitioning back to a locally elected body.

The state-appointed board would be tasked with addressing a narrow set of pressing issues while carrying out the day-to-day functions of a traditional school board, Crabill said. In HISD’s case, the state-appointed board primarily would be tasked with improving student achievement at the lowest-performing campuses, where standardized test scores rank near the bottom in Texas and historical patterns suggest about two-thirds of graduates will not enroll in college.

Crabill said HISD board members, who admitted to internal dysfunction and a failure to aid students in recent months, have not taken the necessary steps to help struggling students.

What a mess. Meanwhile, there are four HISD Trustee positions up in November. Two currently held by Latinos and two held by African Americans. I do know of one challenger in one of the Latino positions. If TEA does pull the trigger before November, are the elections called off? I have no idea.

This got a thumbs down from the Chron E-Board on Saturday:

[Thumbs down]Recently elected Harris County Judge Bill McLeod resigned his post this week, only he didn’t know it. True, it’s an obscure wrinkle in the Texas Constitution that triggers an automatic resignation by any judge who declares he’s running for higher office, but it was a boneheaded move by a judge. McLeod filed routine paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission, indicating he plans to run for chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Turns out, that’s constitutional no-no. Now his fate is in the hands of the Harris County Commissioners Court, which could decide to keep him on anyway by not appointing a successor. A lesson to other presumptive nominees: Read the constitution, even the obscure parts.

I really hope he is not appointed to a position he had to quit. I mean, didn’t he remember why then Sheriff Adrian Garcia resigned in 2015 when he wanted to run for H-Town Mayor. Plus, the fella had been on a county bench for less than three months and then he decides he wants to run for the Supreme Court. Please don’t appoint him. Please.

Aaron Judge also known as #AllRise has two dingers this season of course.

Justin Verlander will pitch this evening so be there!

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Name the last National League team that we played in our Home Opener?

Commentary has said it is a mess.

From a Channel 13 story from yesterday:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A group of Houston fire cadets, whose fates were in limbo while the city and firefighters union sparred over implementing Prop B pay parity, have been let go from the department. The cadets were told in a meeting at 3:30 Thursday afternoon that their last day would be in early June.

ABC13 Eyewitness News obtained a copy of a layoff notice sent to 66 cadets who were waiting for the Prop B issue to resolve.

From the Chron:

The city has sent pink slips to 68 Houston Fire Department cadets, the first documented layoffs resulting from Mayor Sylvester Turner’s plan to implement Proposition B.
The trainees will remain employed through June 7, according to a copy of the layoff notice sent to cadets.

“The City of Houston has experienced a sizeable budget shortfall due to the implementation of Prop B,” the layoff notices read, referring to the charter admendent passed by voters last November.

The measure requires the city to pay firefighters the same as police of corresponding rank and experience. Voters approved Prop B by a wide margin.

The cadets’ firefighting careers had been in limbo after Turner declined to promote them following their graduation from training earlier this year. Turner had said he would not promote the cadets while the city was under a hiring freeze he imposed last September in anticipation of the vote on the Proposition B.

Did I say this is a mess? Of the 67 cadets, nearly half (33) are of the Latino persuasion I have been told.

I wonder why they didn’t get the old two-week notice? It is more like two months. Here is why from a statement the Fire Chief put out yesterday:

The layoffs are not effective until June 7, 2019. In the 60-day interim, I hope that an agreement can be reached with the fire union that will allow us to rescind the layoff notices, swear-in the cadets and focus on continuing the efficient delivery of service to this community.

Turns out it was a tactic or negotiating ploy or whatever you want to call it. Commentary calls it playing with the lives and futures of young men and women. Now that is sad.

You have to ask yourself, if we can’t afford this cadet class, when will we be able to afford a firefighter cadet class? Whatever. Is this the first time in the City of H-Town history that a firefighter cadet class was fired?

What a mess, I will say again.

Sen. Carol Alvarado passed her first bill as a state senator yesterday and got the razzing from her colleagues, a tradition when a senator passes their first bill. It was a clean-up language bill related to the Water Development Board. Nope, she couldn’t name a Water Development Board member.

In 2012, in our Home Opener, we hosted the Rockies of course.

We will have our pregame Home Opener gathering late this afternoon.

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On Huberty

We are playing like a 2-5 team, not a team who many said before the season will win it all. What was our record last season after seven games?

To pass HB 3 with only one member voting against in the Texas House says a ton about GOP State Rep. Dan Huberty’s leadership and skills.  Huberty serves as the Chair of the House Public Education Committee.  Way to go, dude! I had the HB 3 debate on my phone for most of the day yesterday and I was certainly impressed. The bill addressed a lot of the funding issues facing school finance. It certainly ain’t perfect but it is a huge step moving forward. Nice job!

If you ask Commentary, and nobody ever asks Commentary, the Harris County judge who accidentally, unknowingly, knowingly, jokingly or whatever resigned his position, does not, I repeat, DOES NOT, deserve to be reappointed. Don’t mess with your judgeships! A dumbarse move for sure.

Here is this Trib piece on Sen. John Cornyn. The fella promotes Donald Trump values, not Texas values:

It will be interesting how Cornyn chooses to campaign for reelection since his arse is owned by Trump.

Last season, after seven games, the team was 6-1 of course.

Opening Day at The Yard is tomorrow and I will be there along with our Opening Day crew.

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We are 2-4 and have scored 15 runs this season. The Mariners are 7-1. Care to guess how many runs they have scored this season?

I saw a trailer last night for a flick called “Yesterday” where a fella is in an accident and when he wakes up and gets well, he plays “Yesterday” with his guitar and his friends had never heard of The Beatles classic tune. He googles The Beatles and only bugs show up. He googles John, Paul, Ringo and George and a pope shows up. So, he starts playing more Beatles tunes that nobody has ever heard of and becomes famous. Interesting concept.

Bad day for Dems at the Texas State Senate, yesterday. Here is Kuffer’s headline on what happened yesterday:

Three reasons our State Senate still sucks

Read Kuffer’s take here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=90222.

It was SB 17 and an attack on the GLBTQ community.

It was SB 22 and an attack on Planned Parenthood.

It was SR 535 and the border stuff.

Then there was this tweet:

Lisa Falkenberg‏Verified account @ChronFalkenberg

Let me get this straight. Texas Senate leaders are crowing they just passed a resolution declaring an emergency on the border — without a single senator who represents the border voting for it?

Not really. GOP Sen. Pete Flores who also represents the border voted for it.

Here is the good news about what happened yesterday, and yes, there is good news. Voters in Texas are tired of this BS and they showed it at the polls last November. This will hurt the GOP in 2020 for sure.

The H-Town Mayor sent a letter to legislators a few days ago on a fees bill and said H-Town was implementing Prop B. That’s news to me!

I’m Ok with this from Footnote’s tweet:

Alyson Footer‏Verified account @alysonfooter 7m7 minutes ago
On Opening Day, the Astros will celebrate the late President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush with a special tribute, honoring the couple as loyal Astros fans.

The Mariners have scored 56 runs this season of course.

I am thinking the Astros players should stop counting their money from their pay raises and start playing baseball.

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