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My Bench?

The Astros play two in Mexico next weekend? Do they have any players on the active roster who were born in Mexico?

Here are parts of a story in today’s Chron:

The Harris County Civil Court At Law judge who inadvertently resigned his post in March, and unsuccessfully lobbied Commissioners Court to allow him to remain on the bench, said he plans to run for his former seat in 2020.

Judge Bill McLeod also blasted the three Democratic members who decided to replace him, whom he says had already made their decision before McLeod pleaded for a reprieve at the April 9 Commissioners Court meeting.

“The manner in which commissioners handled it was really a disservice to Harris County voters,” McLeod said Sunday. “I want to take my bench back.”

County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia said they vetted several potential replacements ahead of the meeting, but decided to replace McLeod after hearing his testimony.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Harris-County-judge-who-resigned-by-accident-13802271.php.

When I saw the story last night through Twitter, I retweeted with this:

That’s smart! Attack a Latina Harris County Judge, an African American County Commissioner and Latino County Commissioner- all Democrats and run in a Harris County Democratic Primary, in a competitive Democratic Presidential primary season.

I will tell you what is a disservice to the voters. Being a county court-at-law judge for less than three months and announcing a run for another position. A couple of months ago, the fella was running for Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. He really didn’t seem to have a problem leaving “my bench” behind. That is what I call a major league smug job. Sounds a little like white privilege to Commentary.

Democrats just took over the Harris County Commissioners Court with three folks – all people of color. It is not wise to start attacking them.

Judge Lesley Briones, who is now the judge, has a great story to tell. I am thinking the Latino Democratic political community will line up behind her candidacy.

FYI: Former Judge McLeod, did not have an opponent in the 2018 Democratic Party Primary.

During the Senator Carol Alvarado Campaign a few months ago, some of us involved in the campaign who don’t live in SD 6 were added to the list of voters who would be receiving our mail pieces. We do this so we can have an idea when the campaign mailers hit mailboxes. This past Saturday, I opened my mailbox and voila, a Carol Alvarado mailer – four and a half months after the Special Election.

From the you can’t be serious department. This is laughable. From the Chron this past weekend:

Councilman Dwight Boykins said Friday that the ethics committee he chairs will investigate this week’s vote to send 60-day layoff notices to 220 Houston firefighters, saying some council members who voted for the measure were not aware that it also allowed hundreds of firefighters to be demoted.

And this:

Councilman Jack Christie said Friday that he was aware his vote in favor of the layoffs also approved some demotions, but that he did not know the number would be in the hundreds.

He said he voted for “a few demotions, but not hundreds. And it may not be (the city’s) intent, but the ability to have hundreds of demotions is not helping the firefighters.”

“It just shocked me because (the demotions) could be used to punish or leverage the firefighters,” he said before reiterating his desire for a deal to be struck in negotiation.

Here is the entire article:

I don’t even know where to start on this and neither do you. Where does this end? How does it end? This is a mess and madness pure and simple.

I didn’t know this. Check this twitter handle:

Luis F. Carrasco, @lfcarrasco
Opinion writer for the Houston Chronicle.
Film buff and pop culture connoisseur.

Lisa Falkenberg retweeted this:

@lfcarrasco, who recently joined @ChronFalkenberg ‘s editorial team at the @HoustonChron, wins 1st place in statewide editorial writing in the @AZPressClub awards!

A Latino is writing editorials for the Chron. That is good news. Is he on the editorial board? He is not listed.

Commentary bought a couple of pair of new Levis a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I put on a pair for the first time. Last night, before I took them off, I was emptying my pockets and I notice there were a couple of receipts from a restaurant in Kemah that I have never patronized. How in the heck did those receipts get in my pocket?

New at The Yard this year, the “stare cam.” Cool.

Closer Roberto Osuna was born in Mexico of course.

We are in Minnesota for four and back in first.

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