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Changing Looks

We lost last night to Cleveland. We are 15-10, they are 14-10. We have a team batting average of .277, the best in MLB. Care to guess Cleveland’s team batting average?

Let me say this. If Joe Biden ends up being our nominee, I hope he wins. I just don’t want him to be our nominee. Got it?

What does change look like? Commentary is talking about what the Houston Federation of Teachers put out yesterday. Here it is:

“…we need change at City Hall.”

Well, what does change look like?

The Firefighters are no longer onboard.

It is looking like organized labor won’t be there either.

Remember municipal ID cards? Who was pushing municipal ID cards? Are they still onboard? Just saying.

Cleveland is batting .210 of course and they beat us last night.

The Bregman “Stare” bobble head is the giveaway this evening.

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