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Friday is Good

The Royals lead MLB with 8 triples. The Astros only have 1 triple. Care to guess the Astro who hit the only triple?

I attended last night’s meeting of the Harris County Tejano Democrats and soon-to-be Harris County Court-At-Law Judge Lesley Briones was the featured speaker and she was outstanding. She has a great story to tell. She received a standing ovation after her remarks. I can’t remember the last time anyone received a standing ovation by Tejano Dems at their monthly meeting.

Tejano Dems also passed a resolution last night opposing a potential TEA takeover of HISD. There was a presentation on the resolution but no debate. I don’t know about that, just saying.

My take on the collusion thing. They wanted to collude but were just too dumb to collude. Got it?

Another thing, did we really need the Mueller Report to tell us Sarah Sanders was a liar? Nope!

The mess at H-Town City Hall, or madness as the Mayor calls it took an interesting turn yesterday in a Houston courtroom. Here is from Channel 2 News:

HOUSTON – A judge has ordered the city of Houston and firefighters to mediation in order to solve the puzzle of implementing the Proposition B pay parity.

The ruling handed down by District Court Judge Tanya Garrison ordered the two sides to work out their differences with an impartial mediator.

The judge gave the two sides until Monday to agree on a mediator.
There have been a lot of sticking points in terms of how to implement Prop B, from which members of the Houston Fire Department would be eligible for raises to incentive pay categories.

It is not yet clear if each and every one of those controversies would be addressed in mediation.

If the two sides can’t mutually agree on a mediator, the court will choose one. And it’s important to point out the mediation is not binding.

“If a judge thinks (mediation) is something the parties must do, obviously we will respect her opinion,” city attorney Ron Lewis said.

“We’ve been saying for months, we welcome a third party to look at this,” Marty Lancton, head of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, said.

And this:

City attorneys spent more than an hour arguing that because Prop B’s language focuses on public police officers, salaries and conditions and makes no mention, basis or comparison to private sector elements as mentioned in Chapter 174, Prop B contradicts state law, which makes Prop B invalid. Government lawyers took it a step further, stating that Prop B is unconstitutional.

Here is the entire story: https://www.click2houston.com/news/hearing-over-wording-of-prop-b-underway.

Did the City tell us is was unconstitutional during the campaign last fall?

And from the Chron on the matter:

“Though it is non-binding, the city will comply,” Turner said in a statement issued by his office late Thursday. “What is important is that the mediation occur as soon as possible, preferably Monday or Tuesday.”

Yuli Gurriel of course has the teams’ only triple of course.

Just so you know, the Angels, Brewers, Cleveland, Cubbies, Marlins, White sox and Yankees have yet to have a player hit a triple this season.

Justin Verlander gets the start this evening in Arlington.

Have a Good Friday and Happy Easter!

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