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The Astros have now won 10 in row. How many times in club history have we ‘ve had 10 game win streaks?

Everyone knows that Commentary calls the stuff around Prop B a mess. Yesterday, at the H-Town City Council meeting, the Mayor referred to it as “madness.”

The E-Board has a take on the “madness” today.

Here is how it ends:

But for his part, the mayor must accept that after the voters spoke in November, it became his job to make it work. That includes being open and transparent about any implementation costs and how parity is determined.

Just so you know, it has been nearly 5 ½ months since H-Town voters approved Prop B.

I learned something last night. Ed Emmett paid for his hurricane billboards during election years. I didn’t know that.

John C. McKeon, Mark Medici, Jack Sweeney, Steve Riley, Tony Freemantle, Lisa Falkenberg and Michael Lindenberger are listed on page A16 in today’s Chron as running the newspaper. Everyone in these parts likes to talk about H-Town’s diversity. The Chron needs to get on the ball and start looking at its own diversity. It is kind of a shame, just saying.

The Astros have had winning streaks of 10 or more games a dozen times now of course.

Alex Bregman had a grand salami last night and we are back in first place. Let’s stay there.

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