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On SB 9

Notre Dame. Why do we pronounce the cathedral and university differently?

Speaking of, which city has a larger population, South Bend, Indiana or Pasadena, Texas?

Commentary watched the Texas State Senate debate on SB 9 yesterday. It is another GOP attempt to suppress votes. Here is from the Chron E-Board today:

Some folks in the Republican Party have given up. They are out of ideas, void of policy and lacking the enthusiasm needed to attract new voters. If demography is destiny, they seem to be content eking out marginal victories for a few more years by clinging to a dwindling base. How else do you explain their push to win elections through exclusion?

Why else do they pin their hopes of power on disenfranchisement?

Their latest attempt, one of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s priorities for this year’s Legislature, is Senate Bill 9. While it contains a welcome measure to guarantee that all electronic voting machines can produce a paper record, it also includes provisions that put up obstacles targeting vulnerable populations.

SB9, poised to pass the Senate, makes it more difficult for people who need assistance at the polls, such as seniors and the disabled. It gives partisan poll watchers the right to be in the voting booth when a volunteer is helping someone, a clear encroachment on the secret ballot. It also imposes new hoops to jump through for election volunteers, including those who drive voters to the polls.

The most troubling provisions, though, are those that threaten jail time for certain election-related infractions — even in instances involving an honest mistake when registering.

Here is the entire E-Board take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/SB9-another-desperate-attempt-at-voter-13769725.php.

During the debate, an amendment was officered by Dem State Senator Kirk Watson to allow for online voter registration but it was defeated along party lines. Sen. Carol Alvarado pointed out during the debate that 37 states, both red and blue, had online voter registration.

Get with it, GOP.

Pasadena, Texas has a population close to 149,000 and South Bend, Indiana has around 101,000 of course.

Sab Antonio has a population of 1.5 million. Just saying.

And don’t tweet or rag me about me taking a shot at Mayor Pete. I like the fella.

The Astros have a winning percentage of .688, the Mainers .684, but we are a half game behind the Mariners. Got it?

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