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Yesterday, Commentary got up, made breakfast and watched Tiger on the flat screen. I also watched him on Saturday. I always knew he could win another major. I never gave up hope. Golf etiquette or courtesies aside, I was glad to see the competition put it in the water, in the pine straw, in bunkers and miss their putts.

Folks love Tiger. You actually think people tune in across the country to hate on Tiger.

One tour member said yesterday that he knew the difference between the spectator roars for Tiger on the golf course versus roars for other golfers.

Jack Nicklaus congratulated Tiger and said his win was good for golf. I can’t argue with that.

Tiger now has 15 majors. How many different golfers have won a major?

I find the @CarolForTexas tweets the most interesting.

I don’t follow this fella but I find the State Rep from La Aguila most amusing. Here is from Erica Grieder’s Chron column yesterday:

Poncho Nevarez, a Democratic state representative from Eagle Pass, scoffed at the president’s threat to release migrants in his community.

“We’ll take them. Our cities will be safer and they’ll fuel our economy. Thanks pendejo,” Nevarez tweeted Friday, in response to the news.

Maybe one day I will meet the state rep and shake his hand. “Thanks pendejo” is a classic for sure. I can’t remember the last time I saw a “pendejo” in the Chron.

On campaign finance, it is kind of everyone is on their own.

There are limits on how much you can give in federal races, but they can raise money every day of the year. Congress sets the laws regulating the limits. You can’t change the limits with a petition drive.

For state races like statewide and legislative, there are no limits on how much you can give, but there are periods during, before and after legislative sessions where you can’t. Again, you can’t impose limits here with a petition drive.

There are no limits on how much you can give for Harris County races and you can raise money every day of the year. I don’t think the county has the authority to impose campaign contribution limits. Again, it can’t be done by petition.

I think there are limits for certain judicial races.

Some cities like H-Town impose their own limits. That started in the 1990s. Prior to then, there were no limits. H-Town use to have periods of the year where you couldn’t raise money but not anymore. There are blackout periods for proposed vendors.

HISD imposed limits for vendors at $500 a few years back, but a new board raised the cap to $2,000 in 2016. Once again, there are no allowances for signature drives on contribution limits.

I guess the state legislature could impose limits on counties, ISDs, and municipalities, but they would also have to set limits on themselves and that probably would not happen.

That’s why End-Pay-To-Play can step up for H-Town campaign contribution limits.

It could put a hurt on consultants like Commentary who handle city candidates. That’s not a reason to campaign against. In fact, it would be a stupid reason.

If on principle, one is against Citizen United and all the tons of special interest money in political campaigns, can you be against End-Pay-To-Play?

221 different golfers have won a major of course.

I am certainly glad the players stopped counting their money and started playing. A 9-game winning streak. We swept the Mariners and are still a game behind them. How about all the Jose Altuve dingers from this past week?

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