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Judith Cruz

Tomorrow is State Rep. Christina Morales’ birthday. Wish her a happy birthday, please.

After 13 games this season, the Astros are 8-5. What was our record after 13 games last season?

Tiger had a good round yesterday, so maybe the Masters will be interesting to watch this weekend.

They are here: https://endpaytoplay.net/.

I guess they are moving forward. Interesting.

Here is from their website:

A group of Houstonians has formed the End Pay-to-Play PAC to finance a petition drive to reduce the amount that people or companies that do business with the City of Houston can contribute to any candidate for mayor, controller or City council, or any PAC which contributes to any such candidate, to $500 per year.

Approximately 80% of such campaign contributions in the city of Houston come from people or companies that directly do business with the City or are regulated by it.

For example, the employees and family members of one real estate developer have donated over $100,000 in contributions to a single candidate.

Another vendor’s employees contributed over $100,000 on a single day, shortly before the vendor’s contract was renewed.

This is legalized corruption and it must end. A group of volunteer lawyers has drafted an amendment to our City’s current toothless campaign finance ordinance to accomplish this objective.

You can help by contributing to the End Pay-to-Play PAC. Individuals or corporations can contribute to this PAC and there is no limit on the amount.

None of the money contributed to this PAC will be used to support any political campaign. This money will be used exclusively to pay for expenses associated with collecting the necessary petitions and filing those with the City Secretary.

The corrupt pay-to-play system will never reform itself. It will only happen by direct action of the people.

I wonder if anyone or group will step forward to fight this.  Probably not.

Judith Cruz sent out an email yesterday announcing her candidacy for HISD Trustee, District VIII. The trustee district is currently represented by HISD Board President Diana Davila. Here is Judith’s email:

For the last two decades I have worked tirelessly for students in public education as a teacher, volunteer, and in the nonprofit sector. I believe students need to be college and career ready, and I believe that every child deserves an outstanding education. Students need dedicated and creative adults investing in them and holding them to high standards. As a parent of three HISD students I expect the type of education for all children that I would expect for my own. I believe this because I’ve lived it.

That is why I am running for HISD Trustee, District VIII.

Please join us in kicking off our campaign for students and families by donating to our campaign now.

Only 31% of HISD students earn a postsecondary credential within six years of graduation. There is no silver bullet to solving our problems in education, but we can improve and innovate to prepare students to be competitive as they enter college and the workforce. We need a strong principal pipeline and effective leadership at every level beginning in the classroom. Parents want rigor, not mediocrity, for their students. We need to ensure that students have equity of opportunity at both magnet and neighborhood schools. Schools need freedom to innovate.

But I can’t do it alone. Will you donate $5, $25, $100, $250, or whatever you can afford today?

I am running for HISD District VIII Trustee because I believe we must do more for Houston’s kids. We must bring greater transparency and trust to the district. We must elevate the voice of parents, teachers and students. That’s why I am asking for your continued support, your voice and your vote. Collectively, we can ensure all children receive the education they deserve.

Judith Cruz

P.S. Please visit our website to sign up to volunteer and learn more about the campaign!

For those who remember, Judith ran in 2010 in a special election to fill the vacancy created when then Trustee Diana Davila resigned. Judith lost in a runoff by 43 votes to Juliet Stipeche.

Diana Davila ran against Stipeche in 2015 and beat her to take back the trustee position.

Got it?

Commentary helped Judith in 2010. I am not involved today.

After 13 games last season, the Astros were 9-4 of course.

We begin an eight game, three city roadie this evening in the Pacific Northwest.

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