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The team batting average for the Astros is .282, second best in MLB. Care to guess which team has the highest team batting average?

The Chron has an article today on how the vote to replace County Court-at-Law Judge Bill McLeod went down and here are parts:

Republican members of Harris County Commissioners Court criticized their Democratic colleagues for quickly approving a new civil court judge at Tuesday’s meeting who had not been vetted by the full body.

The three Democrats voted to appoint Houston lawyer Lesley Briones to replace County Court at Law Judge Bill McLeod, who inadvertently resigned last week. Briones’ name was absent from the agenda, she had only spoken with the Democratic members and just 36 minutes passed between her nomination and approval.

“This is the least transparent appointment I have ever seen,” Republican Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack said. “The unfairness of the process was overwhelming.”
During the meeting, Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle held up Briones résumé, which he had been handed minutes earlier, and said he may have supported her if he only had the chance to review it. Instead the vote fell along party lines, 3 to 2.

And this:

Texas Southern University political science Professor Jay Aiyer said it appears the three Democrats agreed Briones was their choice prior to Tuesday’s meeting. That kind of behind-the-scenes scheming, he said, was typical of past Republican-dominated courts.

“This process goes entirely against the spirit of open government that this court has argued will be at the center of how they govern,” Aiyer said. “In particular, it cuts against the brand Judge Hidalgo is trying to develop.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Harris-County-s-speedy-appointment-of-13757992.php.

Here is Commentary’s response to Commissioner Cagle: It is tough counting to three these days.

I look at it this way: the wise Latina strategy worked.

It doesn’t seem like a good deal or fair swap. Increasing sales taxes and reducing property taxes. If this was the best they could come up with, then they certainly are not our best.

Here is what they are probably doing then. They are saying “you want us to spend more money on schools where kids of color are growing the greatest share and spend more on lower income communities? Well, Dems, you are also going to have to pay a bit more and property taxpayer folks are going to need some relief.”

Then, maybe Dems ought to say, “we are Ok with homeowners getting relief, but not commercial property owners, they are gaming the system anyways.”

I don’t know. You have a better idea?

The Chron sent me a letter yesterday saying that my subscription is now $2.25 a day – another rate increase – they had raised it to $2.04 a day back in February. That’s $821.25 a year. So, don’t f__king tell me I don’t support journalism.

27,631 showed up Monday to see the Yankees, 31,009 Tuesday and 26,685 last night. That dynamic pricing sometimes is not a good thing.

As of yesterday, the following had filed a treasurer’s designation for an office over at the City Secretary’s Office at the H-Town City Hall Annex.

For Mayor:
Anton Dawls*
Tony Buzbee
Kendall Baker
Bill King
Demetria Smith

For District A:
Amy Peck

For District B:
Alyson Quintana
Alvin Byrd
Renee Smith
Earl Ben White
Karen Kossie-Chernyshen
Patricia Beurgeous

For District C:
Kendra Yarbrough Camarena
Mary Jane Smith
Abbie Kamin
Nick Hellyar
Greg Meyers
Robert Nowak, Jr.
Daphne Scarbrough
Shelley Kennedy

For District D:
Jerome Provost

For District F:
Anthony Nelson
Anton Dowls*
Jesus Zamora
Richard Nguyen
Tiffany Thomas
Giang Nguyen

For District G:
Greg Travis

For District H:
Karla Cisneros

For District J:
Federico Cuellar
Margaret Mitchell
Nelvina Adriatico
Sandra Rodriguez
Edward Pollard

For At-Large 1:
Michelle Bonton
Raj Salhotra
Georgia Provost

For At-Large 2:
Emily Munoz Detoto

For At-Large 3:
Janaeya Carmouche
Marcel McClinton*

For At-Large 5:
Jamaal Boone
Marcel McClinton*
Dr. Letitia Plummer
Marvin McNeese
Ashton Woods
Ralph Garcia
Dennis Griffin
Paul Bishop

The following also designated treasurers but didn’t specify office:
Naoufal Houjami, Left Blank
Sonia Rivera*, At-Large
Mehdi Cherkaoui, City Council
Amparo Gasca, City Council
Sallie Alcorn*, At-Large
Tarsha Jackson, City Council

* On January 29 of this year Anton Dowls designated a treasurer for a District F race and changed to Mayor on April 5. On January 22 of this year, Marcel McClinton designated a treasurer for At-Large 5 and on February 1, switched to At-Large 3. Sallie Alcorn and Sonia Rivera are running for At-Large 5.

Also designating treasurers:
APT-PAC that says it will be helping Mayor Sylvester Turner.
End Pay-to-Play PAC and will be trying to end pay-to-play over at H-Town City Hall.

Some of the incumbents didn’t file designation this year because it is not required because these days you can fundraise 24/7.

Got it?

The above list is in order of how it is stacked over at the City Secretary’s Office.

The Mariners of course lead MLB with a .295 team batting average.

The Mariners are also 12-2 and we visit them this weekend.

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