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HISD, Again

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was named the recipient of the Profile in Courage Award. Well deserved. Don’t worry, there is not a single GOPer working in DC who will ever be considered for such an honor.

History will not be kind to former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. History should not be kind to former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. She is a very horrible person.

Was it an Altuve walk walk-off win or an Altuve walk-off walk win? Who cares! We swept!

The 5-4 Yankees are at The Yard for three starting this evening. How many dingers does #AllRise have this season?

The other mess over at HISD got some Chron run yesterday. Here are parts:

The state investigation into allegations of Open Meetings Act and procurement violations by some Houston ISD trustees could last months, a top Texas Education Agency official said Saturday, potentially leaving the district and its superintendent search in limbo.

At a town hall attended by about 50 people, TEA Deputy Commissioner of Governance A.J. Crabill said state officials are still conducting a special accreditation investigation into HISD, with the most severe possible punishment resulting in school board members surrendering their powers to a state-appointed governing team. TEA officials have not provided a timeline for the investigation, which started in January, but Crabill said initial results likely are not imminent.

“My best guess is that the state is still several months away from a preliminary report,” Crabill said, while cautioning that he is not directly involved in the investigation.

And this:

Crabill offered no hints as to whether HISD’s school board will fall out of power, telling the crowd it’s too early to predict outcomes of the state investigation or academic performance this year. He reassured those in attendance that an appointed board would hold power for only a few years, gradually transitioning back to a locally elected body.

The state-appointed board would be tasked with addressing a narrow set of pressing issues while carrying out the day-to-day functions of a traditional school board, Crabill said. In HISD’s case, the state-appointed board primarily would be tasked with improving student achievement at the lowest-performing campuses, where standardized test scores rank near the bottom in Texas and historical patterns suggest about two-thirds of graduates will not enroll in college.

Crabill said HISD board members, who admitted to internal dysfunction and a failure to aid students in recent months, have not taken the necessary steps to help struggling students.

What a mess. Meanwhile, there are four HISD Trustee positions up in November. Two currently held by Latinos and two held by African Americans. I do know of one challenger in one of the Latino positions. If TEA does pull the trigger before November, are the elections called off? I have no idea.

This got a thumbs down from the Chron E-Board on Saturday:

[Thumbs down]Recently elected Harris County Judge Bill McLeod resigned his post this week, only he didn’t know it. True, it’s an obscure wrinkle in the Texas Constitution that triggers an automatic resignation by any judge who declares he’s running for higher office, but it was a boneheaded move by a judge. McLeod filed routine paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission, indicating he plans to run for chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Turns out, that’s constitutional no-no. Now his fate is in the hands of the Harris County Commissioners Court, which could decide to keep him on anyway by not appointing a successor. A lesson to other presumptive nominees: Read the constitution, even the obscure parts.

I really hope he is not appointed to a position he had to quit. I mean, didn’t he remember why then Sheriff Adrian Garcia resigned in 2015 when he wanted to run for H-Town Mayor. Plus, the fella had been on a county bench for less than three months and then he decides he wants to run for the Supreme Court. Please don’t appoint him. Please.

Aaron Judge also known as #AllRise has two dingers this season of course.

Justin Verlander will pitch this evening so be there!

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