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Name the last National League team that we played in our Home Opener?

Commentary has said it is a mess.

From a Channel 13 story from yesterday:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A group of Houston fire cadets, whose fates were in limbo while the city and firefighters union sparred over implementing Prop B pay parity, have been let go from the department. The cadets were told in a meeting at 3:30 Thursday afternoon that their last day would be in early June.

ABC13 Eyewitness News obtained a copy of a layoff notice sent to 66 cadets who were waiting for the Prop B issue to resolve.

From the Chron:

The city has sent pink slips to 68 Houston Fire Department cadets, the first documented layoffs resulting from Mayor Sylvester Turner’s plan to implement Proposition B.
The trainees will remain employed through June 7, according to a copy of the layoff notice sent to cadets.

“The City of Houston has experienced a sizeable budget shortfall due to the implementation of Prop B,” the layoff notices read, referring to the charter admendent passed by voters last November.

The measure requires the city to pay firefighters the same as police of corresponding rank and experience. Voters approved Prop B by a wide margin.

The cadets’ firefighting careers had been in limbo after Turner declined to promote them following their graduation from training earlier this year. Turner had said he would not promote the cadets while the city was under a hiring freeze he imposed last September in anticipation of the vote on the Proposition B.

Did I say this is a mess? Of the 67 cadets, nearly half (33) are of the Latino persuasion I have been told.

I wonder why they didn’t get the old two-week notice? It is more like two months. Here is why from a statement the Fire Chief put out yesterday:

The layoffs are not effective until June 7, 2019. In the 60-day interim, I hope that an agreement can be reached with the fire union that will allow us to rescind the layoff notices, swear-in the cadets and focus on continuing the efficient delivery of service to this community.

Turns out it was a tactic or negotiating ploy or whatever you want to call it. Commentary calls it playing with the lives and futures of young men and women. Now that is sad.

You have to ask yourself, if we can’t afford this cadet class, when will we be able to afford a firefighter cadet class? Whatever. Is this the first time in the City of H-Town history that a firefighter cadet class was fired?

What a mess, I will say again.

Sen. Carol Alvarado passed her first bill as a state senator yesterday and got the razzing from her colleagues, a tradition when a senator passes their first bill. It was a clean-up language bill related to the Water Development Board. Nope, she couldn’t name a Water Development Board member.

In 2012, in our Home Opener, we hosted the Rockies of course.

We will have our pregame Home Opener gathering late this afternoon.

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