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On Huberty

We are playing like a 2-5 team, not a team who many said before the season will win it all. What was our record last season after seven games?

To pass HB 3 with only one member voting against in the Texas House says a ton about GOP State Rep. Dan Huberty’s leadership and skills.  Huberty serves as the Chair of the House Public Education Committee.  Way to go, dude! I had the HB 3 debate on my phone for most of the day yesterday and I was certainly impressed. The bill addressed a lot of the funding issues facing school finance. It certainly ain’t perfect but it is a huge step moving forward. Nice job!

If you ask Commentary, and nobody ever asks Commentary, the Harris County judge who accidentally, unknowingly, knowingly, jokingly or whatever resigned his position, does not, I repeat, DOES NOT, deserve to be reappointed. Don’t mess with your judgeships! A dumbarse move for sure.

Here is this Trib piece on Sen. John Cornyn. The fella promotes Donald Trump values, not Texas values:

It will be interesting how Cornyn chooses to campaign for reelection since his arse is owned by Trump.

Last season, after seven games, the team was 6-1 of course.

Opening Day at The Yard is tomorrow and I will be there along with our Opening Day crew.

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