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We are 2-4 and have scored 15 runs this season. The Mariners are 7-1. Care to guess how many runs they have scored this season?

I saw a trailer last night for a flick called “Yesterday” where a fella is in an accident and when he wakes up and gets well, he plays “Yesterday” with his guitar and his friends had never heard of The Beatles classic tune. He googles The Beatles and only bugs show up. He googles John, Paul, Ringo and George and a pope shows up. So, he starts playing more Beatles tunes that nobody has ever heard of and becomes famous. Interesting concept.

Bad day for Dems at the Texas State Senate, yesterday. Here is Kuffer’s headline on what happened yesterday:

Three reasons our State Senate still sucks

Read Kuffer’s take here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=90222.

It was SB 17 and an attack on the GLBTQ community.

It was SB 22 and an attack on Planned Parenthood.

It was SR 535 and the border stuff.

Then there was this tweet:

Lisa Falkenberg‏Verified account @ChronFalkenberg

Let me get this straight. Texas Senate leaders are crowing they just passed a resolution declaring an emergency on the border — without a single senator who represents the border voting for it?

Not really. GOP Sen. Pete Flores who also represents the border voted for it.

Here is the good news about what happened yesterday, and yes, there is good news. Voters in Texas are tired of this BS and they showed it at the polls last November. This will hurt the GOP in 2020 for sure.

The H-Town Mayor sent a letter to legislators a few days ago on a fees bill and said H-Town was implementing Prop B. That’s news to me!

I’m Ok with this from Footnote’s tweet:

Alyson Footer‏Verified account @alysonfooter 7m7 minutes ago
On Opening Day, the Astros will celebrate the late President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush with a special tribute, honoring the couple as loyal Astros fans.

The Mariners have scored 56 runs this season of course.

I am thinking the Astros players should stop counting their money from their pay raises and start playing baseball.

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