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Monkey Business

Name the MLB club whose baserunners have been caught stealing the most times this season?

Commentary is not afraid to learn stuff. I did not know until yesterday what a macaque was. It is a monkey. I guess Commentary didn’t know squat. I learned because yesterday I dropped in online to the State Senate Water and Rural Affairs Committee meeting and Sen. Carol Alvarado was laying out a colleague’s SB 641. Here is from the author of the bill, Sen. Joan Huffman:

Currently, ownership of dangerous wild animals is by and large regulated by municipalities with little regulation by the state. The animals listed in S.B. 641 can quickly outgrow an individual owner’s ability to provide adequate living conditions, and the result is that the animal is improperly fed, cared for, and housed—jeopardizing the animal’s welfare and public safety. S.B. 641 addresses the issue of the ownership of dangerous wild animals by requiring individuals who own these animals to have a USDA Class A, B, or C license (breeder, dealer, or exhibitor, respectively) and meet other requirements of the bill.

As proposed, S.B. 641 amends current law relating to dangerous wild animals; provides penalties; creates a criminal offense; and authorizes a fee.

Here are the animals covered from the bill:

(A) a baboon;(B) a bear;(C) a cheetah;(D) a chimpanzee;(E) a clouded leopard;(F) a cougar;(G) a gorilla; (H) a hyena;(I) a jaguar;(J) a leopard;(K) a lion;(L) a macaque;(M) an orangutan;(N) a snow leopard;(O) a tiger; or(P) any hybrid or subspecies of an animal listed in this subdivision.

Some folks showed up to testify against the bill and said they were macaque moms and didn’t want to be covered, so I had to go look it up and tada, they were monkeys.

Remember a couple of months ago when there was a tiger living in the Manchester neighborhood here in the East End of H-Town. You gotta deal with this. Just saying!

Just a little background on the following tweets. During the #TXHD145SpecialElection earlier this year, the Houston GLBT Political Caucus endorsed State Rep. Christina Morales’ opponent. Then some folks started saying stuff about Christina that wasn’t true. That happens during campaigns. Check out these tweets from yesterday:

Christina Morales | Rep. for TX District 145‏ @Moralesfor145 17h17 hours ago
Very happy to have the @HGLBTCaucus stop in today. I didn’t win every endorsement during the campaign but every constituent of HD 145 can expect to be served and protected equally by me. Looking forward to working on bills to support my LGBTQ friends, family and constituents.

Then the Caucus tweeted this:

Houston GLBT Caucus‏ @HGLBTCaucus
We weren’t on the same team during the elections but we are on the same team for equality and equity for all our communities! Thank you Rep. @Moralesfor145 for your compassionate leadership, we look forward to working with you and your amazing new team!

It all works out.

From an AP story today on Joe Biden:

Ultraviolet, a women’s advocacy group, tweeted: “Joe Biden cannot paint himself as a champion of women and then refuse to listen and learn from a woman who says his actions demeaned her. Good intentions don’t matter if the actions are inappropriate. Do better, Joe. And thank you @LucyFlores for coming forward.”

Astros baserunners have been caught stealing five times this season of course to lead MLB.

We are 2-3 with Justin Verlander pitching this evening.

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