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On Joe Biden

We’ve lost three in a row and are 1-3. Did we ever lose more than three in a row last season?

Commentary has said it before. I prefer Dems nominate for president someone who is younger than Commentary. I can say that at my age.

On Joe Biden, he ought to not run for president. Why would a well-known Dem from Nevada like Lucy Flores make up her account about the former VP? Biden has issues that are still following him like the Anita Hill hearing. Now this? If he were to end up being our nominee, I can just hear it now – “Creepy Joe Biden.” Please, stay out of it! Please!

Commentary chuckles when I see GOPers try to pile on Biden. Nope! The GOP has given Donald Trump a pass on what he said on the bus and who he has paid hush money for starters. Nope! Shut up!

We had a standing room only crowd last Friday for State Rep. Christina Morales’ community swearing-in. There was a lot of photo taking after the swearing-in. There was one photo taken that was tweeted out by Sen. Carol Alvarado with HCC Trustees Eva Loredo and Adrianna Tamez, Sen. Alvarado, Rep. Morales, Constable Silvia Trevino, Justice of the Peace Jo Ann Delgado, and former City Council Member Gracie Saenz. I was looking at the photo later and realized that Trustees Loredo and Tamez, Sen. Alvarado, Rep. Morales and Constable Trevino are current clients and Judge Delgado was my client when she first ran in 2000. I tweeted out how cool that was.

Here is what Kuffer is saying on Prop B:

Campos has been saying that we should not be in this mess. Here’s a crazy idea: What if – stay with me here – what if Prop B was a bad idea that never should have been put on the ballot, and never should have been approved once it was put on the ballot? What if the reason we’re in this mess is because the voters approved a costly annual expenditure for which no price tag was attached or means of funding was provided?

Let’s try a thought experiment. Suppose Prop B, instead of being what it is, mandated that every firefighter be paid a million dollars a year. What do you think the city’s response would be if that happened? I’m going to suggest they’d do what they’re doing now, which is trying to reduce the obligation so the budget can be balanced, as is mandated by charter. I’m sure people wouldn’t like that solution, but what other options are there? My example is ridiculous, but only in degree. The underlying problem remains the same: This is a large budget item that was imposed on the city. The city cannot raise revenues beyond the limits of the revenue cap. Cutting costs was and is the only option.

We can’t go back and redo Prop B. It passed, and the city has to implement it. Mayor Turner said it was a cost the city couldn’t afford, and that if Prop B passed it would lead to layoffs. He was quite clear about what would happen. Why is this a surprise?

Here is the entire Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=90182.

Now on to those April Fools. Have to hand it to Fox News without an argument. The whole world had to tell them that there were not, we repeat, there were not “three Mexican countries.” Those fools or dumbarses didn’t even know they had goofed until they saw it catch on fire on Twitter. Neither did their audience. Talk about April Fools.

If they would have asked for the names of the countries, they probably would have scrolled on the flat screen Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Of course, don’t forget what @AOC tweeted on this:

Just a reminder that these are the same folks who assert their superiority by belittling the intelligence and good faith of others.

The Astros lost five in a row twice last season of course.

The home opener is this Friday.

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