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Everybody should know the answer to this. What is our record on Opening Day since joining the AL in 2013?

State Rep. Christina Morales will have a community swearing-in ceremony today at the Angela Morales Lecture Hall (named after her grandmother) at HCC Southeast, 6815 Rustic, 77087 at 11:30 am. Justice of the Peace Richard Vara will conduct the oath of office. Commentary will attend.

I saw this tweet last night:

Jeff Syptak‏ @JeffSyptak 13m13 minutes ago
Mayor @SylvesterTurner issued the following on the Fire Union’s motion for summary judgement which they have filed: “The motion for summary judgment filed today..makes it clear the union has no intention of, and had no intention of, negotiating anything.”

This statement also came out:

HOUSTON – Mayor Sylvester Turner issued the following statement Thursday in response to the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association’s motion for summary judgment.

“The City is in the process of implementing Prop B with checks scheduled to be issued in May in order to balance the budget by the end of June. The implementation of Prop B will force layoffs and a reduction of services.

“To avoid any layoffs, the City proposed to the fire union to phase in the cost of Prop B over five years. After saying, as late as last night, they would consider phasing-in the cost of Prop B over four years, today the union filed its motion for summary judgment demanding full payment immediately.

“The motion for summary judgment filed today by the firefighters’ union makes it clear the union has no intention of, and had no intention of, negotiating anything. It is demanding payment regardless of the consequences on municipal employees, less senior firefighters and the City as a whole. That is unfortunate.

“Please bear in mind, Prop B came with no funding source and the City is honoring the will of the voters.”

Then there is this headline on the Chron’s website:

Prop. B layoffs would increase HFD response times, idle engines, fire chief says

Here is the story:

Commentary is no expert. I do think though that increasing response times will impact public safety, I think.

Enough! Just how in the heck does one negotiate the results of an election that was held on November 6? Move on.

And then there is the botched HPD probe of the botched HPD raid here:

Makes you feel good about stuff, doesn’t it?

The Astros are 7 zip on Opening Day since joining the AL in 2013 of course.

Three Opening Day dingers yesterday by the Astros was pretty good.

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