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Let’s see now. Donald Trump fired the FBI Director. His Deputy AG then named a Special Counsel who indicted a bunch of folks then said there was no collusion and also said that Trump was not exonerated on obstruction charges. Now some folks want the media and Dems to apologize. F-You. 2020, baby!

I wonder how Jeff Sessions is feeling these day?

In yesterday’s hard copy of the Chron, I got the Baseball 19 Magazine and I ran across this: If the Astros win 100 games this season, they will be the sixth team to win 100 or more games in three consecutive seasons. Name the other five teams?

Speaking of, this will be going on today on the State Senate Floor:

Senator Alvarado to Honor Houston Astros

Austin, TX // On Monday, March 25th, Senator Carol Alvarado along with Members of the Texas Senate will be honoring the Houston Astros for their triumphant win of the 2017 World Series. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the worst storm our city has faced, the Astros exemplified #HoustonStrong resilience and determination during their postseason march toward Houston’s first ever World Series championship.

Notable attendees from the Astros organization include Jeff Luhnow, President of Baseball Operations and General Manager, Reid Ryan, President of Business Operations, outfielders Tony Kemp and Jake Marisnick, and relief pitcher Will Harris. As a native Houstonian, and a fan of the Houston Astros, Senator Alvarado is honored to recognize this historic team at our State’s Capitol.

Wish I could be there.

Commentary is not going to say much about the proposed garbage fee other than to say we should not even be in this situation if you know what I mean. What a huge mess. Ridiculous. Talk about dropping the ball.

Ed Emmett. Remember Ed Emmett? He took a shot at the way County Judge Lina Hidalgo handled the ITC fire. Now who in the heck is Ed Emmett?

Footnote will be handling MLB.com’s power rankings for now and she has the Astros at Number 1. Check this:

The Astros bowed out earlier than anticipated in last year’s postseason when mounting injuries to key players became too much to overcome. The two most high-profile players from that group — Jose Altuve, who was playing with a broken kneecap, and Carlos Correa, who fought through lower back issues much of the season — appear to be past their respective health issues. Meanwhile, the Astros added one of the game’s best contact hitters in Michael Brantley to a lineup that already employs Alex Bregman, who, like Brantley, rarely strikes out. The two are expected to be side by side in the batting order.

The Philadelphia Athletics 1929-31 (104, 102, 107), San Luis 1942-44 (106, 105, 105), B’More 1969-71 (109, 108, 101), The ATL 1997-99 (101, 106, 103) and Yankees 2002-04 (103, 101, 101) of course are the five MLB clubs with three consecutive seasons of 100 or more wins. FYI: The A’s and San Luis accomplished the feat when the seasons only had 154 games. Now you know.

Alex Bregman got a new contract and Justin Verlander’s was extended so you know the price of a Saint Arnold at The Yard is fixing to skyrocket. I will find out tonight by how much when I go to The Yard and watch the team host the Pirates.

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