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Angels center fielder Mike Trout is fixing to sign the biggest sports contract ever. How many post season games and post season dingers does he have under his belt?

I grew up four blocks from the second largest refinery complex in the USA and the seventh in the world – the Exxon Mobil facility in Baytown. My Dad still lives in the same house and I go there a few times a week. He also owns property catty-corner from the refinery. Does that make me an expert on refineries, nope, but it gives me the right to have a sort of experienced take on incidents like the ITC or Deer Park fire.

A couple or so years ago, the Chron did a lengthy investigative piece on what we don’t know about what chemicals are stored in facilities across the region. And when we have a ship channel lined up and down with chemical plants and the local, state and federal governments don’t really know what is being stored, bad s__t is going to happen like it did on Sunday.

So, when our emergency folks including County Judge Lina Hidalgo ask ITC what the hell is burning, do they take their word for it? When the fire is finally put out, they will be able to determined what burned. If ITC lied, they will pay for it, maybe even with jail time.

Some of the local far righties who love that the Donald Trump folks and the EPA are undoing a bunch of regulations have gone after Judge Hidalgo on her handling of the fire response. They have been waiting for this moment to go after the Judge. Of course, these far righties won’t say squat about the countless environmental violation citations and fines that have been handed out to chemical plants and refineries up and down the ship channels for decades, so they can just shut up.

Commentary said yesterday about our low standards and I was kind of crowing about all the crap in the sky that we were seeing. Our local leadership said yesterday that because the plume was so high, it really wasn’t impacting the air that we were breathing on the ground and they trotted out their health experts with measuring devices. Ok, for now I will take their word if it. It also got me to thinking. Doesn’t all that s__t have to come down some day or will it join all the other space trash that the International Space Station has to dodge.

The most interesting tweet I saw was from someone who said H-Town leaders, way, way back then, made a deal with the devil of sorts when we decided we were going to be the energy capitol of the universe. Yeah, we would get jobs and communities would be built. H-Town isn’t H-Town and Pasadena isn’t Pasadena and Baytown isn’t Baytown without energy and refinery complexes. We also get incidents like the ITC fire. We all know it won’t be the last. There will be another around the corner.

This one was different. Instead of a few Latino contract workers or necks that get blown to smithereens at a refinery explosion, because a huge mass of burnt chemicals hangs in our atmosphere posing a threat to all of us, folks now give a rat’s arse about what is percolating around the ship channel.

Just saying.

If you are paying attention, this should not come as a surprise. The following is a strong statement.

ILA District Opposes Mayor Turner

The International Longshoremen’s Association South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District is rescinding its prior support of Mayor Sylvester Turner. This action is taken as a result of Turner’s handling of Proposition B and the collective bargaining process. District President Alan A. Robb said, “Mayor Turner has turned his back on Houston Firefighters, the labor movement, and Houston voters in his apparent refusal to bargain in good faith with the firefighters for a mutual resolution.

Currently and significantly, firefighters continue to express their frustration with the Turner administration.”

The Turner administration has displayed hostility to the collective bargaining process. “Mayor Turner’s administration is apparently seeking an erosion of public employee rights in pending litigation which has caused the ILA concern and is a factor in our opposition to Mayor Turner. As working men and women in this community we have a stake in any effort to suppress workers’ voices. We hope the mayor realizes the impact of his decisions regarding the firefighters has a domino effect that hurts all wage earners in this community.” Robb said.

The ILA represents over 65,000 longshore workers along the eastern and gulf coasts, including the Port of Houston.

Commentary is not surprised at all.

Mike Trout has only three post season games under his belt and one post season dinger when the Angels got skunked by the Royals, three games to zip in the 2014 ALDS.

Alex Bregman who just signed to a smaller contract has 26 post season games and six post season dingers.  Got it?

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