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Commentary is going to skip the MLB question and ask the following on local politics. Between March 6, 2018 and March 5, 2019, a full calendar year, what’s the most number of elections some Harris County voters could have voted in?

Commentary is Ok with a #BetoForAmerica presidential campaign. Some of the young field fellas who worked on State Rep.-Elect Christina Morales’ campaign are #Beto campaigners and I more than respect their political takes on a #BetoForAmerica campaign. Heck, the way they handled Christina’s campaign, they got super cred with Commentary.

At 95 years of age, my Dad is going to have more than his share of medical issues. A couple of weeks ago it was a visit to the urologist. This morning he was supposed to go in for a pacemaker repositioning procedure but it was cancelled. He will have to wait until next week. Sigh. I am the one that goes with him on all of his medical appointments. That is what sons are for.

It is 3/14 so it is pi Day. Happy pi Day!

The official canvass by the county was completed a couple of days ago and the official count is Christina Morales with 1,826 or 60.77% to Melissa Noriega with 1,179 or 39.23%, a difference of 647 votes. There were nine precincts in a cluster in Gulfgate/Pine Valley, Mason Park, Park Place, and Pecan Park neighborhoods that gave Christina a 525 vote margin. Crushing. Nice job!

Seven are the number of elections some voters could have cast their vote between March 6, 2018 and March 5, 2019: the party primaries, the party primary runoffs, the flood bonds, the general election, the #TXSD6SpecialElection, the #TXHD145SpecialElection, and the #TXHD125RunoffSpecialElection. If you voted by mail, the election cost you $3.50, of course.

Don’t ask me how many voted seven times. I would have to guess that would have to be close to a Harris County record.

This is hilarious by Footnote of MLB.com:

By Alyson Footer @alysonfooter

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — George Springer’s five plate appearances during the Astros’ night game on Tuesday, a 5-3 loss to the Nationals, drew some questions the next day, mainly because it seemed a little odd that a veteran player would put in such a long night this late into Spring Training.

That’s not to say baseball players don’t want to play baseball. They do. But at night? In March? Well, let’s save that for the regular season, when most of the Spring Training routines, including early-morning wakeup calls and 9 a.m. team meetings, go away.

Which brings us to Springer — leadoff hitter extraordinaire, World Series hero, the glue that keeps this Astros lineup humming.

So why in the heck did he have FIVE plate appearances during this particular game?
Because he wanted the night off, of course.

Manager A.J. Hinch made a deal with his star outfielder. You want to go home? Get a hit.

I’ll put Myles Straw in to pinch-run for you,” Hinch said he promised Springer.

“What if I get a hit in the first at-bat?” Springer asked.

“Then you’ll be out of the game,” Hinch responded.

“Night’s almost over, boys!” Springer bellowed to his teammates in the dugout.

First at-bat: strikeout.

No deal.

Second at-bat: flyout to right.\

Still, no deal.

“I had Straw sitting there with his helmet on, ready to pinch-run,” Hinch said. “All [Springer] had to do was get a hit.”

Springer walked his third time up, grounded out to short his fourth time and, mercifully, in the eighth inning, walked again.

At that point, Hinch figured Springer had had enough, and Straw, who spent the entire game sitting in the dugout wearing a batting helmet as the on-call pinch-runner, finally replaced Springer.

“I figured three at-bats and two walks deserved the mercy rule,” Hinch said.

To the casual observer, Springer’s extra at-bats could have been interpreted a few ways.

Maybe he wanted some extra time to, as the well-worn Spring Training phrase goes, “work on things.”

Or, with a .160 spring average, maybe he just needed some more reps?


Sometimes, as a manager, you have to keep things spicy this time of year. We don’t want to suggest players occasionally get bored but, well…players occasionally get bored.

That was funny for sure.

That’s all I have from The Yard.

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