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Prop B Again

Opening Day is two weeks from tomorrow. Jose Altuve has been in the starting lineup for the past seven Opening Days. Name the Astros who has been in the starting lineup for the past four Opening Days?

Chron columnist Erica Grieder has a take today on the Prop B stuff and the fallout. Here is a paragraph:

All things considered, Proposition B might be described as Houston’s version of Brexit. Voters who approved of pay parity between firefighters and police officers last year may be starting to regret their support for the proposal now that the city is being confronted with the consequences.

Here is her entire take:

Where is the proof on voter regret.  Show me, please.

Then this tweet showed up:

Bill King Retweeted
Houston Firefighters‏ @FirefightersHOU 12h12 hours ago

.@ChronOpinion team still refuses to accept that voters passed Prop B despite its editorializing and torrent of negative ads by @SylvesterTurner and pay-to-play surrogates. Try looking at Turner – not just FFs and 298K voters that did not share your view.

I think Commentary has mentioned before that I saw a poll last year that had H-Town Firefighters at like 95% favorable. I am sure I am not the only one who saw those poll numbers. As soon as the Firefighters gathered the petition signatures, I don’t understand why a deal wasn’t cut. It would have been whole lot cheaper.

Commentary will say it again. The voters said last November to take care of the Firefighters. Blame it on the voters if you want, but they are still the voters. Without voters, you ain’t got nothing.

#SpringerDinger of course has been in the starting lineup the past four Opening Days – three in right field and once in centerfield.

That’s all I have from The Yard.

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