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Care to guess how many bobble head giveaways at The Yard this season?

Commentary always reads Kuffer and takes his posts seriously. Don’t always agree though. Here is what he has to say about the H-Town mayoral campaign:

“and Bill King has nothing to run on now that pension reform has been passed, but that only gets him so far.”

Here is all of Kuffer on the campaign: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=89903.

Commentary will say it again. No one took Bill seriously at the beginning of the 2015 race and he made it to the runoff and lost by 4,000 or so votes.

Kuffer said this last week about the #TXHD145RunoffSpecialElection:

“It will be close.”

It wasn’t. In all fairness though, Commentary didn’t think it would be a 22% win for State Rep.-Elect Christina Morales.

State Rep.-Elect Christina Morales still sounds cool. She certainly rules in HD 145.

Channel 13 tweeted a story yesterday on the H-Town Firefighter cadet class that the H-Town Mayor will not allow to take the oath of office. The cadets are now suing the City. The Prop B fallout thing. The story didn’t surprise me though. The photo tweeted with the story pi__ed me off though. There are a ton of Latino/Latina firefighter cadets in the bunch. Now that’s not cool. That won’t sit well with Latino and Latina voters. It certainly looks like an injustice to Commentary. Young Latino and Latina cadets being denied just isn’t right folks and don’t try to explain otherwise. Let them take the oath, please.  Fire them later if you have too.

Most of the folks in that photo are of color and some of the female persuasion.  It is not a good look.

As of this morning, there will be seven Astros bobble head giveaways this season of course.

Alex Bregman, the Jose Altuve/Tony Kemp dugout hug, #SpringerDinger, Altuve sliding, Gerrit Cole, Carlos Correa, and Justin Verlander are your 2019 bobble heads

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