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Astros third base coach Gary Pettis played 14 years in MLB with four different teams. Name the teams?

Yeah, yeah, yea, it was only 27 voting locations and 3,022 voters, but let’s give a hand to the folks who run the elections for putting out the final report at 8:51 pm in the #TXHD145RunoffSpecialElection. Of course, the outcome was really decided at 7 pm when the Early Vote totals were posted.

The 3,022 voter turnout or 4.14% was down from the 3,499 or 4.8% in the first round due to GOP voters who supported GOP candidate Martha Fierro stayed home in round 2.

I can’t say enough about our field effort. For starters, Christina Morales led Melissa Noriega by 161 votes after round 1. In round 2, we led by 646 votes. After round 1 we had 1,246 votes, two days ago it was 1,824 or plus 578. Our opponent went from 1,085 to 1,178 or plus 93 votes. After round 1 we had 35.84%, two days ago 60.76%. Our opponent went from 31.21% to 39.24%

Our 4 biggest margins of victory by precinct were 116, 105, 91 and 83 in the Mason Park, Pecan Park, and Park Place precincts. Our opponents were 42, 33, 27 and 25 in Eastwood, Woodland Heights, First Ward and South Belt Ellington precincts. We were actually able to increase voter turnout over round 1 in Country Club, Gulfgate/Pinevalley, Idylwood, Pecan Park and South Houston precincts that we won.

We won two of the key precincts that we lost to our opponents in round 1. Precinct 27 in Eastwood we lost to our opponent in round 1 143-126. Two days ago, we won it 176-136. Precinct 218 in Country Club and Idlywood we lost in round 1 126-107, we won it 2 days ago 174-143.

In round 1, we won mail ballots 76-66. Two days ago, 305-161.

Lastly, I said yesterday it starts with the candidate. In the runoff, we targeted where she would hit doors. I guess you can pretty much tell where we concentrated.  It worked for sure.

Like I said, great field effort.

I have been doing this a long time now. Christina Morales ended her victory speech quoting Commentary. That’s the first time any candidate has ever quoted Commentary in their victory speech. If you don’t believe me, go to her campaign facebook page and check it out. Her speech came under 3 minutes, I think.

Gary Pettis of course played for the Angels, Padres, Rangers and Tigers of course.

The team posted the promotional giveaway items yesterday – lots of goodies at The Yard.

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