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DNC 2020

Who led MLB in hitting the most doubles last season?

In the #TXHD145RunoffSpecialElection Early Voting, 998 voted Early in Person and to date, 419 mail ballots are in. 1,417 total early votes so far or not quite 2% turnout.

The Houston Federation of Teachers are not supporting the H-Town Mayor’s reelection. We all know about Prop B, the Mayor and the Houston Firefighters. Commentary was watching Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” yesterday and both sides of the aisle were talking about the Mayor and labor issues could factor into the DNC not holding their convention here in 2020. That would be a bummer for sure.

The Chronicle had a huge story yesterday about problems with the Texas Permanent School Fund. The headline was “Broken Trust.” Thank you, GOP for running the state into the ground.

Alex Bregman of course led MLB in doubles last season with 51.

MLB returns to The Yard three weeks from tonight when the Pirates visit and I will be there!

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