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Brad Peacock is the longest tenured Astros pitcher. When did he start pitching for the Astros?

After Day 4 of Early Voting in Person in the #TXHD145RunoffSpecialElection, 948 have voted. Today is the last to vote early. Go vote!

Gov. Greg Abbott is blaming the Secretary of State voter suppression fiasco on the DPS. What a tool. Abbott doesn’t have the votes for the confirmation of his Secretary of State and he won’t admit defeat. Like I said, what a tool.

More fallout from Prop B. I saw this tweet yesterday:

Shelby Webb‏Verified account @shelbywebb

The Houston Federation of Teachers’ executive board voted last night to rescind their approval of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and his administration, citing the ongoing issues related to Proposition B (the firefighters pay parity referendum voters approved in November)

Here is the Chron article:

Houston’s largest teachers union has rescinded its support for Mayor Sylvester Turner, citing an ongoing legal dispute between the city and the local firefighters union related to Proposition B.

The executive board of the Houston Federation of Teachers voted unanimously Monday to withdraw its support for Turner, who is up for re-election in November 2019.

In a statement, the teachers union said it could no longer back the mayor because of the city’s ongoing litigation in Texas’ 14th Court of Appeals, in

which Turner’s administration is seeking a ruling that would effectively render the fire union’s collective bargaining rights unconstitutional.

In the city’s “ongoing fight against Proposition B,” the teachers union said, teachers have been “treated like collateral damage.”

Voters passed the Prop B referendum in November granting firefighters the same pay as police officers of corresponding status, but the city has yet to implement the pay raises.

If Turner resolves the Prop B dispute before the election, the teachers union would likely support him again, President Zeph Capo said.

“We put a lot of money and time into his last election,” Capo said. “We want to support him again, but this has got to be resolved. Questioning any part of the [collective bargaining] process is a line in the sand that we can’t cross.”

The city’s appellate case is just one element of a complex legal web related to firefighters’ pay and the Prop B charter amendment. In a separate case still playing out in district court, the city is seeking to declare Prop B invalid.

The union also has sought a court order compelling the city to implement the charter amendment.

Meanwhile, the case currently going through the 14th Court of Appeals stems from a long-running contract dispute between the city and firefighters. The fire union sued the city in June 2017 after the city rejected the union’s request to settle their differences through arbitration and both sides subsequently failed to reach a deal through mediation.

In that lawsuit, a state district judge last year struck down the city’s argument that a section of Texas’ Local Government Code violates the Texas Constitution by granting a judge discretion over firefighter pay.

The provision in question allows the union to seek a district judge’s ruling if the city “refuses to engage in arbitration.” If the judge finds firefighters are not receiving compensation that meets criteria laid out in a different section of the code, the judge can declare what pay would meet those standards, and order the city to “make the affected employees whole as to the employees’ past losses.”

The firefighters union, which has argued the removal of that provision would essentially gut firefighters’ collective bargaining rights, applauded the Houston Federation of Teachers’ move on Twitter.

Turner was not immediately available for comment Thursday evening.

What a mess. What a mess.

I saw this yesterday:

Alan Bernstein and Jeff Syptak liked

Chief Art Acevedo‏Verified account @ArtAcevedo 12h12 hours ago

The very vast majority of our @houstonpolice members are honorable and committed to the best traditions of our noble profession and support efforts to ensure we hold the few who dishonor the badge accountable.

I’d rather hear just about every @houstonpolice members are honorable and committed to the best traditions of our noble profession. A very vast majority isn’t enough and doesn’t cut it with Commentary.

Brad Peacock started pitching for the Astros in 2013 of course.

Go vote early today if you live in #TXHD145.

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