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Commentary is going to divert from the MLB question today and go with an Oscars quiz. “The Green Book” won the Best Picture the other night. Name the other Best Picture winner with the word “Green” in the title and the Best Picture nominee with the word “Green” in the title?

I sure am hoping that first time candidate Christina Morales is getting respect these days for her lead in fundraising. See these tweets from the Trib’s Patrick Svitek:

Runoff reports in #HD145 special election runoff: – @Moralesfor145: $67K raised, $58K spent, $25K cash on hand – @NoriegaforTexas: $42K raised, $56K spent, $17K cash on hand ($11K in self-loans) #txlege

(Timeframe here was Jan. 20 through Feb. 23)

One interesting bit: Noriega got a $100 donation from a Phillip Aronoff, apparently the same Phillip Aronoff who was the 2018 Republican nominee for #TX29. He lost to @LaCongresista, who’s backing Morales. #HD145 #txlege

Not bad at all for a first time candidate, you have to admit. Don’t you think? I hope she is getting respect these days.

The first day of Early Voting in the #TXHD145RunoffSpecialElection is history and 143 showed up in person and 157 voted by mail.

For those who want Tejano tunes played at the Rodeo, they got a treat last night when Kasey Musgraves performed “Como la Flor”, a Selena Tejano classic. It got twitter excited for sure.

In 1941, “How Green Was My Valley” won Best Picture and in 1999, “The Green Mile” was nominated for Best Picture of course.

Justin Verlander was Justin Verlander yesterday.

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