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Bad Rollout

Only two Astros players stole 10 or more bases last season – name the two?

Texas Secretary of State David Whitley’s nomination is on hold. All Commentary can say is that he botched it. Shot himself in the foot. Took a dump in his office and then rolled around in it. You get the picture. Rolling out the voter purge initiative before he gets confirmed – he is either a dumbarse or doesn’t know how to count to two thirds. Commentary would have loved to have been that fly on the wall when they were discussing rolling this out. Where were the grown-ups? Wait until after you are confirmed before you roll out something this controversial. Duh? Of course, unless he is really auditioning for a gig in the Donald Trump administration.

Here is a related Trib article: https://www.texastribune.org/2019/02/21/texas-senate-democrat-secretary-of-state-david-whitley-jose-rodriguez/.

Go Texan Day is today, I guess. I get it.

Jose Altuve stole 17 bases last season and Alex Bregman stole 10 of course.

Have a nice rodeo!

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