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More School Days

Parkland was one year ago today. Remember.

It looks like CraftPAC and the Beer Alliance have struck a deal. The Wholesale Beer Distributors are not on board yet though. Still, it is progress. I wonder if a twelve-pack from the brewery will be cheaper than at Spec’s?

There is a discussion about extending the school year in our public schools. As someone told me yesterday, good thing school kids don’t vote. I replied that some high school seniors do, but they don’t give a rat’s arse because this is their last year. The only problem I have with the extended school year is extended school zone speed limits.

Does this mean that summer will only last a month?

For the #TXHD145RunoffSpecialElection there will once again be five Early Vote in Person locations. Only five days of Early Voting in Person though – that’s the law.

Are Harris County Dems supposed to have a discussion on whether or not to support more assistant DAs that District Attorney Kim Ogg wants or are we supposed to be silent? We elected her a few years ago. Or are we supposed to support the Dems on Commissioners Court who turned down her request? Or are we expected to sit on the sidelines? That’s not our nature folks.

I wonder if there is room to compromise.

I wonder if restaurants will be crowded this evening.

Have a nice Valentine’s Day!

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