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Trail of Tears

The Big Puma is not happy he fell off of the Hall of Fame ballot. How many votes did he get?

I am not ready to say #BetoForTexasorUSA is a genius, but the move certainly is genius. He is taking on Donald Trump head on and the others are in Iowa. See this tweet from Saturday:

Beto O’Rourke‏Verified account @BetoORourke
In less than 48 hours, we’ll gather together to celebrate El Paso and tell the truth about the border. Make a plan to join us Monday evening. See you soon.

Genius move for sure. I am sure the other contenders wish they could be on the streets of El Paso taking on Trump.

Dem presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar had a great line yesterday when asked what sets her apart from her opponents. “I am the only one who kicked off their campaign in a blizzard.”

Speaking of genius tweets, you have to love this – POW! – in response to a Trump dig at her:

Amy Klobuchar‏Verified account @amyklobuchar 1h1 hour ago
Amy Klobuchar Retweeted Donald J. Trump
Science is on my side, @realDonaldTrump. Looking forward to debating you about climate change (and many other issues). And I wonder how your hair would fare in a blizzard?


No wonder Keir tweeted this about her:

Keir Murray‏ @houtopia 2h2 hours ago
Keir Murray Retweeted USA TODAY
A top tier candidate in my early handicapping.

Here is from Kuffer yesterday:

Speaking of runoffs, I have not yet seen a date set for HD145. However, based on my reading of the election code, I believe the deadline for the result of the January 29 election to be canvassed is Tuesday the 12th (same day as the HD125 election), and it has to occur between 12 and 25 days after that, on a Tuesday or a Saturday. Based on that, my money is on the runoff occurring on Saturday, March 2, which would mean early voting would run from Wednesday the 20th through Tuesday the 26th. I Am Not A Lawyer, but I do know these things are prescribed by law, and the options are limited. Again, we’ll know soon enough.

We are all waiting for a Runoff Election Date. The Harris County Commissioners Court canvassed the votes last Thursday afternoon. The Governor will canvass the vote this afternoon at 3:05 pm at the Governor’s Mansion and I hope he sets the date shortly after. I don’t know why it took the County nine days to canvass the vote. I thought things were supposed to move faster with the new folks running things. Old habits, I guess.

GOP cable TV talking heads were having one of their best weeks with the f__ked-up Dem statewide officeholders in VA, then Donald Trump drops his Trail of Tears line on Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday. The GOP cable TV talking heads are back to their same old ways asking what trail?

I got a letter from the Chron this past weekend. My subscription is going from $12.75 to $14.25 a week at the end of this month. I am Ok with that. At least they didn’t stick it to me like the Astros did, over 100% over the past two seasons. Get this, I can share my HoustonChronicle.com with four additional family members. I didn’t know that.  If I was to buy it at the stand, it would be $16 per week but no access to HoustonChronicle.com.

I tried to go to the new Heights HEB this past Saturday. Nope! There was a traffic jam in the parking garage. I immediately pulled a U-Turn and got my arse out of there. There wasn’t any street parking either. I will just wait until things slow down a bit there.

The Big Puma of course just got 5 Hall of Fame votes.

Spring Training starts this week.

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