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#TakeItBack is this season’s slogan. Here is an easy one, what were the team slogans for 2016, 2017 and #2018?

The Chron E-Board today is urging the Texas State Senate Nominations Committee to reject David Whitley as our next Secretary of State for trying to get rid of Latino voters. Here is how today’s editorial starts:

Normally, we wouldn’t weigh in on a confirmation hearing for a gubernatorial pick to a low-profile office in Austin.

This year, we’ll not only weigh in on David Whitley’s appointment to the office of Texas secretary of state. We’ll recommend a loud and resounding: NO.

Whitley was named in December and his short tenure in the obscure and nominally nonpartisan office has been tarnished by a civil rights scandal that garnered national attention and condemnation. Texans deserve an official they can trust to oversee elections across the state. Gov. Greg Abbott, too, deserves an appointee whose every move won’t be justifiably second-guessed. Our state isn’t lacking for Republican politicos who could serve in this role. The governor should simply replace Whitley with a qualified candidate so we can all move on.

The crisis of confidence began when, after only five weeks on the job, Whitley’s office released an advisory to local election administrators claiming that 95,000 noncitizens were improperly registered as voters and should be removed from the rolls. This report seemed to confirm the suspicions of Republican politicians who have crusaded against the spectre of illegal voting for years, with little to show for it. President Trump pounced on cue, railing on Twitter about “95,000 non-citizens registered to vote.”

Here is the entire take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Reject-David-Whitley-as-Texas-secretary-of-state-13595897.php.

The Nominations Committee will take up the Whitley nomination this morning and State Senator Carol Alvarado sits on the committee.

This is interesting. H-Town Council Member Dwight Boykins called out the H-Town Mayor in this Channel 13 story. What’s up with that? Here is from a Channel 13 story:

Several council members asked Turner for more inclusion in the budget process and more planning time to better understand where the city’s money will go.

“I’m hoping we have the opportunity to look at specifics on particular items as we move through the spring so we’re not just handed a budget on May the first and told ‘We want you to pass this on May 15,” council member Mike Laster said.

“Council member, it’s the same timeline as the last three years,” Turner said.

“There wasn’t much conversation,” Laster said. “There wasn’t.”

“We shouldn’t have to be begging for financial information,” council member Dwight Boykins, said. “Don’t treat us like children.”

Turner snapped back at some of the council members, who said he was disrespecting them. Once, Turner seemed upset because Boykins didn’t call him “Mayor” Turner.

“I respect Sylvester Turner,” Boykins said.

“I’m the mayor,” Turner rebutted. “My name is—“

“The mayor,” Boykins interjected.

“Thank you,” Turner said. “And you’re really pushing it. So be careful.”

“What can you do to me, Mayor?”

“This is not a dictatorship,” Boykins said.

Here is the entire Channel 13 story: https://abc13.com/politics/youre-pushing-it-so-be-careful-war-of-words-over-prop-b/5123715/.

If you ask me, this does not look good. Stay tuned for sure.

Check out the new grub at The Yard this season from Footnote:

HOUSTON — The Astros have a new slogan, “Take It Back,” a new lineup of more than two dozen promotional items that will be given away in 2019, and a new Hall of Fame coming.

And, of course, they’ll have many new food items to introduce to fans at home games this season. The staples — hot dogs, nachos, burgers, fries — will still be offered, but for those more adventurous consumers looking for variety in their eater-tainment, Astros concessions will offer a little something for everyone.

Houston media was given a sneak peek with a food-tasting session during the annual media luncheon at Minute Maid Park on Wednesday. The Diamond Club was transformed into a multi-station smorgasbord of nearly 20 food items that will be available at Minute Maid Park this year, including several variations of hot dogs and a new Astros brand beer, Crawford Bock (get it?), that made its debut at the recently-held FanFest.

New to the menu in 2019 will be Smoked Pork Burnt End Topped Tots — crispy tater tots with smoked pork burnt ends, queso blanco, barbecue sauce, green onions and pickle chips.

“It’s one of my favorite items,” Aramark district manager Mat Drain said. “It’s a shareable item that comes in a souvenir helmet and it really is a play on nachos, which is a popular item here in Texas. Instead of topping nacho chips, you’re topping tater tots.”

Plus, can you ever go wrong with burnt ends?

“Most of the time, it’s beef, and we decided to put a spin on it and use pork,” Drain said. “We’ll try to be a little unique with that experience.”

Here is the entire food read: https://www.mlb.com/news/astros-introduce-new-food-at-minute-maid-park/c-303616886.

Commentary will say it again. I will go with the Dollar Dogs, peanuts and a Saint Arnold Amber.

In 2016, it was “More Than Just A Game”, 2017, “Earn It”, and 2018, “Never Settle”, of course.


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