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The Game

The Astros have had 57 Opening Days. Which teams have we played the most on Opening Day?

I liked this tweet for sure from last night:

#occupymarwen liked

Chris Hayes‏Verified account@chrislhayes 1h1 hour ago


Trying to explain to my 7 year old the political and social context of the pre- game national anthem/color guard/field-sized flag/fighter jet flyover followed immediately by Civil Rights Icons Call The Coin Toss was more than this dad was able to pull off.

Now that’s funny.

It was a good game. You don’t need TDs every other possession for it to be a good game. The game had me interested. For its entirety. I like Tom Brady. GOAT.

Now who among you was not glued to the flat screen when CBS’ Tracy Wolfson was trying to get GOAT’s postgame interview in the media scrum. She got it.

I tweeted this at halftime:

Marc Campos‏@MarcCommentary 2h2 hours ago


Halftime of #SuperBowlAds for #SuperBowlLIII Lot of Latinos watching. Maybe a sombrero on a robot? #TacoBell doesn’t count.

Neither does Avacados From Mexico.

Xfinity did drop in Latinos.

I am surprised Commentary is the only one talking about this. Latinos need representation in the ads for sure.

I did like the opening with Peyton Manning and Being John Malkovich.

The NFL also had a couple of nice ads with their greats and for first responders.

Here are the ads I liked. M&Ms with Christina Applegate, Serena Williams and Bumble, Hyundai elevator, Pepsi, Mercedes, Taco Bell and the texts, Mint Mobile and chunky milk, Turbo Tax robot, Stella Artois with The Dude and Carrie, Bubly, err Buble, HEB (of course, how come we never hear of Latinos or Latinas stranded on deserted islands?), Microsoft and disabled kids, Burger King Whopper and #EatLikeAndy Warhol, Amazon with Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, Scott or was that Mark Kelly and others, and the Washington Post.

I don’t know about the Devour ad. It seems like they were making fun of addictions and eating disorders – just saying.

One day, someone has to ‘splain to me Bud Light and corn syrup.

Is the “Twilight Zone” making a comeback?

This tweet came out Friday afternoon:

Alice Stewart‏Verified account @alicetweet Feb 1


Anxious to see if the @TheDemocrats abort their silence over @RalphNortham after seeing his yearbook pix.

Dems certainly don’t need a GOP talking head to tell us about calling out racism. We were on top of it.

Commentary is against TEA coming to HISD and taking over. After the Chron put out the video of the October board meeting, it would not surprise me if TEA swooped in. Go to the Chron to see for yourself: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/A-step-below-hell-Video-gives-inside-look-13584152.php.

I don’t know what to say.

Commentary said this on Thursday:

I have to give props to the folks running the local elections. Yeah, I know it was only one race with 3,481 voters and 27 E-Day voting locations, but it was nice that the final report came in at 9:11 pm.

The Chron E-Board said this on Saturday:

[Thumbs up] Newly elected County Clerk Diane Trautman passed her first test with flying colors in the special election for House District 145. Not only were voting locations open for a full 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but she got the final (unofficial) results in by 9:11 p.m. Then again, it couldn’t have been too hard to count all the ballots: Only 3,460 people voted. Democratic candidates Melissa Noriega, who was endorsed by the editorial board, and Christina Morales are going to a runoff.

The fella who runs the Leader had an interesting take on the green bin situation that you might want to read. Here is how his take ends:

So if you want a theory, here’s mine: First, all of our trash, whether in the green or brown bin, likely sits in a landfill right now (that’s true all over the country). Meanwhile, the city of Houston doesn’t want to talk about it because our mayor and many city council members are facing elections this fall, and they don’t want to suggest we have a problem. Next, there’s a part of the city’s administration that wants to punish voters for giving the firefighters a raise, and one way to stick it back to us is to say we can’t afford services we’ve long enjoyed. And here’s the kicker: At some point in the next year, you’re going to be asked to begin paying for recycling services (see Dallas for a reference).

Here’s my advice: Throw it all in the brown bin for now, because it’s probably all going to the same place anyway. After all, those brown bins are safe from hurricanes, and the blue trucks still run on time.

Here is his entire take: https://theleadernews.com/brown-bins-and-blue-trucks-are-hurricane-proof/.

We have played the The ATL, Dodgers and Giants 8 times each on Opening Day of course.

Nothing from The Yard today.


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