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Christina Morales

Alex Bregman led the team last season with 103 RBIs. When was the last season where an Astro player had 100 or more RBIs?

Remember when the Chron E-Board said this a couple of weeks or so ago:

We were also impressed with Christina Morales, 50, a businesswoman and city planning commissioner whose family has been a longtime fixture of east Houston’s Hispanic community. Morales is probably running the strongest campaign in this race.

They were right about the strongest campaign. When you run first, you have the strongest campaign in my book.

Go on ahead and admit. You were impressed with Christina Morales’ showing last night. If you weren’t, I can’t help you on this.

Observers, players and other folks need to acknowledge this and give her deserved kudos and props. This was Christina Morales’ first run for public office, and she led an eight person field with 36% of the vote. Her runoff opponent was on a ballot for the sixth time, yes, sixth time, and finished with 31%. Christina also raised more money than all of her opponents combined.

I have been to all of Christina’s events this past month. They are always packed houses. Last night was no different.

Here are some tweets from last night:

Mark P. Jones‏@MarkPJonesTX 2h2 hours ago

Hats off to #txlege #HD145 3rd place finisher @HarrisCountyRP @FierroforTexas, who won 25% of the vote, for mobilizing so many Republican voters in a Blue District Special Election. As in the #SD6 special, she came pretty close to the 2nd place Democrat.

7:11 PM – 29 Jan 2019 from Houston, TX

Patrick Svitek‏Verified account@PatrickSvitek 2h2 hours ago

Patrick Svitek Retweeted Mark P. Jones

FWIW, too: Fierro ended up placing second on Election Day, edging out Noriega. #HD145 #txlege

Keir Murray‏@houtopia

Replying to @PatrickSvitek

I saw something similar after the #SD6 special election. Donald Trump got just under 30% of the vote in #HD145, and down ballot Republicans did better than that – some as high as 36%. 25% of the vote for a Republican is an underperformance in this district, any way you slice it.

Replying to @houtopia @PatrickSvitek

Fierro got 23% in the #SD6 special election. Trump got over 25% and some down ballot Republicans got into the upper 20s in the presidential election, which would normally see higher Democratic turnout than a special election.

The actual votes cast on election day, Melissa Noriega placed third. Think about that for a while.

On Election Day, yesterday:

Morales, 652, 34,74%

GOP Fierro, 563, 29.99%

Noriega, 547, 29.14%.

Third place on E-Day?

Then this:

Harris Democrats‏@harrisdemocrats 9h9 hours ago

Congratulations to Democrats @Moralesfor145 and @NoriegaforTexas headed to a runoff in the #Hd145 Special Election. We’re excited that the district will continue to be represented by a Democratic woman.

Shut up! How about a Latina.

Nice job, Christina! On to the runoff!

In 2009, Carlos Lee of course had 102 RBIs.

50 years ago today, the roof top concert happened. Get Back!

Nothing to report from The Yard.



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