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Jose Altuve has 1,419 career base hits. Among active MLBers, where does he rank in career base hits?

Here is what happened on Day 10 of Early Voting in Person in the #TXHD145SpecialElection.

69 Ripley

60 HCC

43 Scarsdale

17 Moody

11 Downtown

44 Mail Ballots

244 Total

1109 Total to Date

Big jump in Early Voting in Person turnout yesterday.

Today is the last day of Early Voting in Person. Do it!

Then this tweet:

Diane Trautman‏@dtrautman 12h12 hours ago

Diane Trautman Retweeted Harris County Clerk

There have been 1,109 votes cast in the #HD145 special election. Tomorrow is the last day of Early Voting, polls are open from 7AM until 7PM. Locations and more information are available at http://harrisvotes.com . #hounews #TXLege

Followed by this tweet:

Evan, Voight-Kampff passer liked

Justin L. Farrell‏@houstonstrategy 4h4 hours ago

Justin L. Farrell Retweeted Diane Trautman

This election will be lucky to break 1500 #HD145

I don’t know if 391 will show up today.

The Chron E-board has a take on the City of H-Town trash pick-up situation and here is how their take ends:

Opinion // Editorials

Houston trash pickup stinks. Here’s how to fix it. [Editorial]

By The Editorial Board Jan. 24, 2019

First, we suggest council consider this, a smart solution we found, of all places in the City of Houston’s own Ten Year Plan, dated November 2017.

On Page 161, the plan suggests “managed competition,” allowing private firms to bid against the city for the best deal on many services, including waste management. The report lists savings other cities saw through managed competition: Phoenix: $25 million the first year, in the 1970’s. Indianapolis: $28 million annually. Philadelphia: an estimated $16.4 million annually.

With “effective oversight,” the report says the approach could solve problems in areas such as solid waste and recycling, along with fleet maintenance – where, we should note, mechanics are currently accumulating, along with drivers, thousands of hours of overtime pay to clear the backlog.

The report even notes the bidding could be done by zone, to reduce risk. City jobs would be lost, but it could create some in the private sector. And there’s already precedent in Houston, where more than 50,000 residents as of 2017 were relying on private solid waste providers through sponsorship agreements with homeowners associations.

There you have it, city leaders. A solution right under your nose. What do you think? Smells good to us.

Here is the entire take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Houston-trash-pickup-stinks-Here-s-how-to-fix-13560379.php.

That probably will not happen. Folks would have to be laid off.

My green bin is supposed to be picked up this Sunday.

In the career base hits department, Jose Altuve of course ranks #46 among active MLBers.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today.


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