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HD 145 Contributions

Mariano Rivera who has 652 career saves got all 425 votes yesterday. Billy Wagner has 422 career saves, how many votes did he get yesterday.

I meant to say this yesterday:

The Astros have retired 5 jersey numbers worn by pitchers, name the pitchers?

The 8-day reports for the #TXHD145SpecialElection are in and to date, Christina Morales has raised $56,478.59 and has loaned herself $5,000. Her Democratic opponent has raised $24,874.65 and loaned herself $31,750. Christina Morales is a first-time candidate. Not bad at all.

Here is what happened on Day 8 of Early Voting in Person in the #TXHD145SpecialElection.

Ripley 31

Scarsdale 28

HCC 24

Downtown 9

Moody 9

Mail Ballots 6

Total 107

Total to date, 742.

A tweet on Mariano Rivera’s historic Hall of Fame selection:

Erik Boland‏Verified account @eboland11 48m48 minutes ago

Highest percentage of votes in Baseball HOF history. What stands out is the, and there’s no way around this, absolute idiocy of the fact that it took this long for a unanimous selection

Griffey, Jr., Seaver, Ryan, Ripken, Cobb, Brett, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Williams, Musial so no need to paint you the picture.

Billy Wagner received 71 votes of course.

Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt won’t be on any more ballots.   They had good careers, but not Hall of Fame careers.


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