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Trash Talk

This Baseball Hall of Fame great received 437 of 440 votes cast or 99.32% by the Baseball Writers when he was selected – the top vote getter of all time – name the great?

Here is what happened on Day 3 of Early Voting in Person in the #TXHD145SpecialElection.

HCC 31

Ripley 19

Scarsdale 17

Downtown 6

Moody 3

Total 76

Total to date, 284.

I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to televise online the meeting between the H-Town Mayor and the Houston Firefighters. I watched it and I didn’t get anything out of it.   What was the point of the exercise? That they don’t trust each other? That they don’t want to be the first to put real cards on the table.

On the dueling MLK Day parades, Commentary has a solution. If both groups still don’t want to work together, have the parades on the same day and time and on the same route. Have participants from both parades line up in order on different sides of the street. Right before the parade starts, flip a coin to see which group goes first – ta da! One group goes first then is followed by the other group. That way folks who show up to line the parade route get to see all the participants and don’t have pick and choose which parade to attend. Both groups would have to share costs though. I wonder what #SpringerDinger would think of my solution?

On the national soft drink of Texas debate, memo to the local delegation. Minute Maid is the name on The Yard where our Astros play. Minute Maid the juice company is based in the Houston area and owned by Coca Cola. Dr Pepper is the friendly pepper upper but that is about it. You can get a Mr. Pibb at The Yard so that is that. Anyway, have you checked your local grocery aisle and shelf space lately in the soft drink section – duh! Coca Cola actually has an aisle. Commentary moves to table the resolution.

I was kind of surprised to see this letter to the Chron editor in today’s hard copy:

Garbage policy

Regarding “Recycling overtime cost nears $1M” (Front page, Monday): Taxpayers in the city of Houston pay for our government to provide core services such as public safety, infrastructure maintenance, water service and solid waste collection. Unfortunately the city needs to be reminded that these core services must be handled properly before focusing on other matters.

As Houston City Council Member for District A, my constituents continue reporting to me that their trash and recycling pickup have been missed for weeks at a time. While I would hope that my constituents could count on a consistent schedule for solid waste pickup, the only thing they can count on is inconsistency. This lack of predictability impacts the quality of life for all Houstonians, and fixing this problem is going to come at a high cost.

Besides the negative perception that the accumulation of trash brings to our communities, this continuing problem has the potential to become a health hazard and a public safety crisis. It also can impact drainage as the trash accumulates in our ditches. We need to take drastic measures immediately, and we need a permanent solution. Whether that means bringing in outside resources or starting over with a fresh pickup schedule, tough choices need to be made now. I want to see a detailed report to City Council from the Solid Waste Department about why and how we got to this point.

My constituents and all Houstonians are frustrated, and I am frustrated that they are not getting the services that they pay for. Instead of focusing on these basic services, time and resources are being expended elsewhere. We must prioritize needs over wants, especially when our needs are growing. I will continue advocating for reliability, customer service, and for our core services to be prioritized

Brenda Stardig, District A,

Houston City Council

Now that is what you call trash talk!

A bunch of my neighbors have their green bins out on the street today. Do they know something I don’t know? What a mess!

Ken Griffey, Jr. of course is the top Baseball Hall of Fame vote getter of all time.

The Astros put out a tacky looking logo for their golf tournament.

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