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A real good GOP consultant would probably score some super points advising GOP leaders to avoid getting into a twitter war with @AOC. GOP leaders are asking for a slamming by taking her on. She’s got game and you don’t. Stop treating her like a Latina in her late 20s, because she is.

She was asked if Donald Trump was a racist. Duh?

On @RashidaTlaib, she also has game and this Dem has no problemo on her MFing Donald Trump. He certainly deserves it.

A few days before the filing deadline for the #TXSD6SpecialEection, the folks over at #FireStanStanart let the Carol Alvarado campaign know that the ballot order drawing would be held 15 minutes after the filing deadline and that we were invited to attend and participate. We gladly accepted the invitation and participated. We were expecting a call and invitation from the new folks for the ballot order drawing for the #TXHD145SpecialElection. The call never came, and they apparently held the ballot order drawing without the candidates this past Friday. What is up with that? Early Voting starts in a week and the elections website still does not have info on Early Voting locations. The new folks need to get their sh_t together on elections.  Hey, but they made sure their photos got put up!

Here is a twofer. Name the former Astro with the most career triples as an Astro and the current Astro with the most career triples?

I finally saw “Wonder Woman” the other night. I am not much into super hero movies, but this one was badass.

I was in Baytown yesterday and started watching last night’s Golden Globes then I drove home, so I missed about 35 minutes. I could not find it on SiriusXM. I watched the last part. I saw this tweet afterwards:

Evan, Voight-Kampff passer liked

Kyle Smith‏Verified account@rkylesmith 39m39 minutes ago


This is maybe the biggest upset in the history of the Golden Globes: Bohemian Rhapsody wins Best Picture. Everyone thought it would be A Star Is Born.

The thing about the Golden Globes. Folks forget about them once the Oscars start. So, if there was a so-called upset, nobody will care in a couple of months.

There was once a time in Commentary’s life where I had seen most of the flicks by the time awards season started. Not these days. I haven’t been to the movies in a year – “The Post” – but I do have $230 in ipic gift cards waiting to be used. I have been told that might get me a couple of good meals and flicks with a friend.

Actor Jeff Bridges received the Cecil B. DeMille Award last night for lifetime achievement in flicks. He has made some good ones like “The Last Picture Show”, “Starman”, “The Big Lebowski”, and “Crazy Heart”.

Don’t even ask me about “Kominsky Method” – never heard of it.

Commentary said a few weeks ago that the folks who run the Texans are smarter than me. Not by much though.

For those who read the Chron, I don’t know if you noticed. In the sports section, six sports writers/columnists made predictions on the outcome of Texans vs Colts, only The General picked the Colts to win. Maybe that’s why he is called The General.

Now we can focus on the Rockets and the Astros.

Jose Cruuuuuuz leads the Astros with 80 career triples in an Astros uniform and Jose Altuve has 25 to lead all current Astros of course.

For those who care, Spring Training is next month.


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