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Christmas Eve

On this Christmas Eve, the Chron has a story on the local GOP. Here is how the article starts:

Drubbed. Shellacked. Whooped. Walloped. Routed.

However you want to describe November’s midterm election, it was disastrous for Harris County Republicans. They were swept from the remaining countywide posts they held — the other shoe to drop after Democrats booted the Republican sheriff and district attorney two years ago — and lost all 55 judicial seats on the ballot. For the first time in decades, Democrats will hold a majority of Commissioners Court.

The path forward for the local GOP is unclear. The party’s statewide slate went undefeated yet rebuked by Harris County voters, raising questions about whether its pitch to rural voters alienated urban ones. In the state’s most populous county, and his home base, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz got just 41 percent of the vote.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson, however, is optimistic. He said several local Republicans would have won, chief among them County Judge Ed Emmett, if straight-ticket voting had been eliminated before the election. Republicans in the Texas Legislature decided to retire the straight-ticket option after 2018, which traditionally benefited their party, but proved disastrous for the GOP in urban counties this cycle.

“Pendulums will swing back,” Simpson said. “I’m confident in the near future, we’ll be back.”

Scholars and Emmett, the county executive for 11 years before his upset loss, offered a less rosy assessment — that of a party catering to a largely white, graying base that is failing to adapt to changing demographics and awaiting the return of a “normal” electorate that has ceased to exist. November 2018 should be a wake-up call, they say, but they wonder if the local Republican Party is listening.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Harris-County-Republicans-grapple-with-changing-13487934.php.

Harris County is one of the most diverse counties in the universe. We celebrate and advance our diversity. The Trump led GOP promotes racism and hate. That’s not going to be accepted in Harris County -period. Pendulum my arse!

From Next Door yesterday on the Yale Street Pharmacy:

Had the worst service today ordering breakfast for my visiting mother and neighbor. We waited 20 minutes for our eggs and mine never came for another 10 minutes. My two guests were almost finished before my plate arrived. There was no apology or offer to comp to make up for the poor service. I made my displeasure known without being rude. I will never go back.

The H-Town Mayor and The Dean were there for breakfast the day before. I wonder how their eggs fared. (The Mayor called it the #YaleStreetGrill).

Speaking of The Dean, at last Friday’s Oath of Office ceremony for Senator Carol Alvarado, I ran onto The Dean behind the Senate Chamber before and he was struggling to keep his britches up. The Dean didn’t have a belt. I asked him what size he wore, and it turns out we wear the same belt size. I loaned him my belt. Hey, I didn’t have a speaking role. Luckily it wasn’t a major issue for me missing my belt.

Commentary is just about done with Christmas shopping, but I do have to go with my Dad to an appointment today with a cardiologist. On Christmas Eve?

My niece and her family are in Park City, Utah today so I won’t be driving to Sugar Land this evening for Christmas Eve dinner. I am Ok with that.

Be safe this Christmas Eve!

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